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Community support: React, adapt, and plan with free access to ChartHop Scenarios

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by Maria Barrera

March 12th, 2020


The ChartHop Team

TL; DR - You can request access here

Companies of all types and sizes often have to make organizational changes quickly to react to ever-shifting business needs. Today, those business needs are shifting more quickly than ever before.

No one’s organizational plans accounted for a change like the one we're all facing - so we want to help.

ChartHop is designed to enable fast, easy, and flexible org design and re-design, and we’ve spent the last week thinking about how we can take a part of the platform to help organizations easily and thoughtfully react, adapt, and plan during this time.

Especially now, stakeholders need to be aligned on the current state of their organization so they can create, approve, execute, and most importantly, iterate on headcount growth plans as business conditions change.

After all, how can you keep on executing on a plan you developed back in September when the 2020 outlook now looks very different?

You can’t.

So, starting today, we’re making ChartHop’s Scenario Planning tool available at no cost during this time.

ChartHop Scenario

To make it accessible to as many people as possible, as fast as possible, we'll help you upload or sync your data through a quick onboarding process. After signing up here, following the set up instructions, and then setting up a 30-min kick-off call with us, you’ll be able to design multiple headcount or org design scenarios and measure the impact of those changes.

With Scenarios, you can build sandbox views for alternate hiring plans, projected M&A outcomes, department-specific views, org-wide compensation planning, and more. Once you’ve designed plans, it’s easy to deploy them into action within ChartHop or export them into a desired .csv structure and use in any way.

ChartHop Scenario

We wish you, your colleagues and families health and safety during this uncertain time. We hope that ChartHop can provide something of value during these stressful times.

Stay Healthy,

The ChartHop Team

Note: Given time constraints, this cannot include all of the seamless integrations which would automatically post directly to Slack or push your approved scenarios into the ATS and open/close recs accordingly. If you’re interested in the full suite of offerings, let’s chat.


Blog Author

Written by Maria Barrera

Head of Marketing

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