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ChartHop Wins HR Tech Award from Lighthouse Research & Advisory

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by Diana Kucer

May 26th, 2021


The ChartHop Team

We are thrilled to share that ChartHop has won “Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution” in the HR Tech Awards by Lighthouse Research & Advisory

This award is offered as recognition that ChartHop has the best “solution that brings new features and capabilities to the market or solves an old problem in a new way.

"Businesses today have no shortage of data on hand, but the challenge is often in making it visible and actionable. ChartHop is solving for that with its user-friendly data visualization tools, " stated Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

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"ChartHop looks to solve the ubiquitous problem for People leaders: getting their data in one place so they can make strategic decisions," says ChartHop Founder and CEO, Ian White.

"This is a massive challenge that leaders have grappled with for ages, and it has only gotten worse as HR tech stacks multiply. With ChartHop, not only do our customers finally have their data in one place, but the data is easily digestible through our visualizations, and accessible to the right people in the organization in real time."

We're honored that Lighthouse Research & Advisory has recognized the impact this can have on People teams and organizations. Learn more about the power of ChartHop, now!


Blog Author

Written by Diana Kucer

Chief Marketing Officer

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