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The April Fool's Report: Charting Better Galaxies

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by Anthony Santa Maria

April 1st, 2021


The ChartHop Team

Data drives insights, and insights drive action. 

And the best data is accurate, accessible, and applicable.

That’s why today we’re excited to release the first ever report on Astrological data in the workplace - Charting Better Galaxies.

Aggregated data analysis can reveal trends in inequalities in pay, representation, and leadership. This report analyzes real-time salary and headcount data from tens of thousands of employees across the tech industry -- and well, the trends speak for themselves. 

Mean compensation by astrological sign

The reality is that HR and People teams have not had the data they need to understand and address Astrologically-based inequality. Today, ChartHop is changing that by giving users unprecedented access to Astrological People Data. 

Org Chart by Astrology Sign

Together we can resolve these gaps and chart the course to better galaxies for all. 

If you're a ChartHop Customer, our team has created an Astrology Bundle so you can access and understand your company's Astrology data.

If you're Astro-curious, we've summarized some of the key findings below. For deeper insights, check out the full report.

Note: For our Astro-beginners, we've created an Astro Guide to help you navigate the Astrological Analytics.

1. Libras are lowest paid in the zodiac

When looking at compensation across signs, our data reveals troubling trends. Libras make the least out of all signs in the tech industry at $90K. That’s almost half that of Leos, the highest paid, at $175K. 

The salary gap is largely driven by leadership status. Fire Signs as a whole are the highest paid sign type and are most likely to be in key leadership positions across a company.

Executive makeup by sign type

While Fire Signs are indeed natural born leaders, they rely on ambition and a competitive streak to get to the top. Orgs should be mindful of these trends and elevate other signs to leadership positions that can bring key skills like empathy, creativity, and a love for process and structure. 

2. Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo) are overstaffed & underpaid

Who we hire and into what positions has a huge impact on company-wide culture and productivity. The data reveals that Earth Signs make up a majority of tech workplaces at 36%. Compare that to Water Signs who come in at 15%

Headcount by astrological sign type

Earth Signs certainly have a lot to offer for tech companies -- they’re hardworking, perfectly fine with burning the midnight oil, and source value from a good day’s work. 

Individual Contributor representation by Astrological sign type

However, when investigating the roles that Earth Signs comprise, we found that they are most likely to be in lower-paying Individual Contributor roles. Earth Signs could very well enjoy churning out work more so than managing others. Yet, Earth Signs also bring a strong knack for process, structure, and operations that could greatly benefit leadership and executive teams. 


3. Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces) Dominate People-Facing Roles

Water signs are known for being very loyal and supportive to those in their inner circle. Their track record for being highly reliable and empathetic likely contributes to their dominance in People-Facing roles -- Customer Success (50%), People/HR (60%), and Technical Support (45%)

Astrological Sign type by department

While we are pleased to see orgs put Water Signs empathetic powers to great use, we urge orgs to consider other functional areas that could benefit from Water Signs strengths. Sales and Marketing in particular are fields that could greatly benefit from a more personalized and human touch. 

Charting more equitable galaxies, together

Our findings demonstrate the importance of data in understanding gaps to achieve a more equitable workplaces for all. 

Clarity into Astrological sign distribution is not going to solve all of our workplace challenges. But, it's an important step to understanding how sign- and personality-based stereotyping inform compensation, leadership positions, vocation, and more.

Change requires action across the board. It starts by understanding the gaps in your company, and your industry.

If you're a ChartHop Customer, you can get started now. Check out your Astrology Data and get to know the trends in your own company.

Understand the gaps in your company, and in your industry. To continue the work, check out the Charting Better Workplaces Report to see how these metrics stack against gender and race. And start tracking this data across your team too.

Together, we can address inequities and create a better workplace for everyone under the stars.


Blog Author

Written by Anthony Santa Maria

Sr. Astrology Analyst

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