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What is an org chart (and why do you need org chart software)?

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by ChartHop Team

February 3rd, 2021


The ChartHop Team

Picture this: you’re growing a company. Annual board and management meetings are fast approaching and you’re looking for a way to share your internal structure with your stakeholders.

You might just need an org chart.

Org charts provide a useful way to understand, visualize, and communicate your team’s structure. And with the right software, org charts can streamline and bring clarity to all touchpoints of the employee lifecycle - from onboarding to departure.

What is an org chart?

At its core, an org chart is a diagram that visualizes your org’s reporting structure and hierarchies. There are many ways teams leverage org charts during the employee journey:

  • Onboarding: show new hires where they fit into their team and the organization at large
  • Headcount planning: identify people gaps in your organization - and ways to close them.
  • 360 Performance reviews: ensure that people most familiar with your work are responsible for giving you feedback.
  • Succession planning: ensure continuity in leadership by identifying people or teams who can take on these roles as people leave.
  • Employee directory: share contact information and basic info so your employees can get to know each other.
  • And more!

Org charts can be a valuable resource to easily surface employee information when you need it most. Yet, without the right tools and resources they can be time-consuming to create.

People new to org charts may have tried translating employee data from disparate spreadsheets into PowerPoints, sometimes even hand drawings. Those require manual updates, excessive copy & pastes, and are prone to human error. Plus, they’re flat — besides names and job titles, traditional org charts can only display so much.

Enter: organizational chart software

What exactly is organizational chart software?

Organizational chart software, AKA org chart software, is exactly what it sounds like: it’s technology that allows you to visualize reporting or relationship structures and more!

When you go beyond your traditional static PowerPoints and invest in org chart software, you can create a dynamic and accessible tool that your entire team - from summer intern to CEO - can use.

Why do you need org chart software?

Investing in the right org chart software is an easy first step to better understanding your business, its people, and its future - and empower your team to drive action from that information.

Yet, between org chart software and workflow visualization tools, there are a lot of options available for the discerning buyer.

When deciding what software to go with, consider an option that enables you to:

Integrate with your HR Tech Stack

Typically, org chart software allows you to visualize your org after you manually build your team’s structure and input employee information into the system. While many HRIS and PEO platforms include built-in org charts, they can be quite difficult to navigate.

ChartHop org chart integration

ChartHop seamlessly integrates data from your HR tech stack into your org chart so it is always up to date.

Especially if your team uses multiple HR tools to house people data (i.e. if you have payroll and benefits, performance data, etc. housed in different systems or if you’re a globally-distributed companies that requires unique platforms for each country), it’s near impossible to consolidate all the information you need into one easy-to-read org chart.

Newer platforms, like ChartHop, make it easy to create comprehensive org charts by automatically syncing with virtually any platform in your HR tech stack. Rather than having to toggle through disparate systems, everything you need lives in one secure place, giving everyone clarity and context.

Platforms that are intuitive and driven by your org’s HR data empower you and your team to make informed decisions. Whether that’s hiring the right people at the right time, restructuring teams, implementing DEI initiatives, or contingency planning, data-driven platforms help you always put your best plans forward.

Centralize and Share Data

At its core, an org chart illustrates the bones of a business. It simply shows who reports to who on what teams across the company.

But what if it could be more than that? What if your org chart served as a single source of truth for all your people data? So instead of just visualizing reporting lines, it housed a directory of comprehensive employee profiles for your entire organization to access and leverage? Sounds dreamy, right?

ChartHop's org chart employee profiles

ChartHop's org chart connects to employee profiles so you can easily surface contact information or just get to know your colleagues better

Org chart software like ChartHop serves as your organization’s data command center. You can easily filter through your people data - right on the org chart - by virtually any data point.

And we mean everything — from payroll to gender & ethnicity to t-shirt sizes and dietary restrictions, ChartHop collects and centralizes all of your people analytics seamlessly, so you don’t have to.

With robust security options you can easily set visibility permissions that ensure that sensitive information - like compensation and disability status - are only accessible by those who need it.

Streamline Manual Processes

Despite the strides HR has made in innovation and technology, many businesses still make their org charts manually. It’s tedious and prone to human error — having to manually enter names and job titles - all while designing the org chart itself.

It’s also unrealistic: as soon as someone’s title changes or a team restructures, the whole chart becomes outdated, restarting the entire process all over again.

Org chart software should take the pain away. Find an org chart software made for you and your business with functionality that enables you to:

  • Drag and drop positions when you are restructuring or adding new roles.
  • Time travel through your org so you can see historical and present structure.
  • Easily export to presentations for annual reports and important meetings.

Time travel with ChartHop's org chart

ChartHop's org chart gives you a comprehensive view of your org's past and present, so you can better plan for its future.

Your org chart software should give you a comprehensive view of your org - and the people in it. Technology like ChartHop visualizes the ins-and-outs of your business in a visually-rich and engaging way.

Know Your Company

It all boils down to this: when your employees have full context and clarity, they can do their best work.

The more you and your people know about your business, the more equipped everyone is to make smarter, more strategic business decisions.

It goes beyond seeing how an organization is connected — robust org chart software is designed with your company in mind and provides a 360-degree view of a company, its people and everything in between. That way, everyone is armed to make better business decisions now, and for the future.


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