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Boost employee engagement with new calendar sync features

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by Maria Barrera

December 14th, 2020


The ChartHop Team

Especially in a remote workplace, celebrating employee milestones - like anniversaries and birthdays - can help your employees stay connected and engaged. Giving employees special attention - or knowing when to give them space during much needed time off - can make them feel valued and recognized.

With the new calendar sync features, ChartHop makes it easy for all employees to stay in the know of colleagues’ milestones and time-off.

Setting up your calendar export

Exporting time off, anniversaries, and birthdays from ChartHop to your calendar is easy.

To enable it, reach out to Once enabled, you should see the option to export in the Calendar section of your dashboard.

ChartHop calendar export

You can then dynamically filter through any part of the organization - so if you're looking for just the marketing team's birthdays, you can customize the export to include only the data you need.

ChartHop sync dates to calendar

Once you confirm your filters, you can then export to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, other Calendar software as well as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

ChartHop syncs with multiple calendars

Staying connected with your team

We're so excited to help your team remain connected and aligned during these difficult times!

Reach out to with any questions!


Blog Author

Written by Maria Barrera

Head of Marketing

Product Updates

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