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Astrology in the Workplace: A Bundle to help you create great working relationships

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by ChartHop Team

March 28th, 2021


The ChartHop Team

Workplaces can be a minefield of clashing personalities, ambitions, and roles - especially in a digital work world where the lines between personal and professional are becoming increasingly blurry.

Knowing how to navigate relationships and expectations can help you make the best out of your working relationships. 

The importance of understanding colleagues’ personality and communication style has amplified over the last few decades, with many companies leveraging personality assessments to better understand how their employees work. In fact, 89% of Fortune 100 companies use Myers-Briggs assessments during the hiring process, or in the workplace for team-building, leadership training, and talent management. 

Recent years have seen the rise of a new player in the personality field - ✨ Astrology

Rather than treating Astrology as a recent and fleeting pop-culture phenomenon, business and People leaders can proactively harness the insights that Astrology brings to their workplaces

With ChartHop’s Astrology bundle, users have an easy way to gain clarity into Astrological Sign and Sign Type.  

Leveraging Astrology insights for greater clarity

Against a backdrop of persistent global uncertainty and tumult throughout the course of their formative years, Millennials and Gen Zers are flocking to Astrology to make sense of the world. 

It’s no surprise then that these Astro-Evangelists, and even the closet-Astrologers, are bringing their Astrological lens to the workplace. A simple “When’s your birthday?” can ultimately hold a lot of meaning for Millennials and Gen Zers who now make up over a third of the workforce.

Take the guesswork out for your Astro-minded colleagues, with the Astrology bundle

ChartHop integrations

ChartHop integrates with virtually any People Data system giving users unprecedented access to employee data, including birthdays. 

With the Astrology Bundle, ChartHop immediately organizes birthdates into Sign and Sign Types. Users can also easily visualize that data on the org chart.  

ChartHop's org chart visualizes Astrology sign and sign type

Beyond the org chart visual, the Astrology bundle can be used to: 

  • Onboard new employees to the team
  • Introduce new employees to the rest of the organization
  • Increase transparency across your organization
  • Spur conversation between team members ("Hey, that’s my sign too!")
  • Visualize trends ("Oh look, everyone on engineering is an Earth Sign.")

ChartHop Astrology people analytics reporting and insights

With ChartHop’s robust and visually-rich people analytics reporting features, users can better understand how Astrology informs vocation, compensation, leadership, and more. 

Getting Astrology data is easy! 

Ask your ChartHop admin to install this bundle

Use it as a starting point to help your colleagues understand each other better and watch relationships strengthen across your team!


Blog Author

Written by ChartHop Team

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