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Motivate your employees with new Employee Shoutouts Bundle

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by ChartHop Team

December 14th, 2020


The ChartHop Team

Sometimes, a small gesture can go a long way. Especially in a remote workforce, providing ways for colleagues to show some love when teammates bring in a win can brighten up someone’s day.

Now with ChartHop’s Employee Shoutouts Bundle, you can easily acknowledge colleagues for their great work.

A source of record for employee accomplishments

Recognizing your teammates' great work is easy! To access the form, just click the Shoutout button on anybody's ChartHop profile.

ChartHop Shoutouts in Employee Profile

Using this form, employees can share "Shoutouts", in long-text form, for team members when they accomplish something or help each other out!

We recommend tying your shoutouts to your organizations's values. This helps build alignment towards your culture and showcases the behavior you want in the workplace.

ChartHop tie shoutouts to company values

The shoutouts automatically populate in your org chart, enabling you to view your team's shoutouts, all in once place.

ChartHop engineering team shoutouts

If you have our Slack Notifier installed - we can funnel these shoutouts to either a unique #shoutout channel or any existing slack channel so that everyone can see the positive feedback.

slack notification

For help with setting up the Slack notifications on shoutouts, reach out to or if you are an admin, set up the following:

slack notifier setup

  • Event Type: Custom[ change.* ]
  • Event Match: Filter [data:shoutout]
  • Channel #shoutouts (or existing channel)

Installing the bundle is easy

Head to our Apps and Integrations page from the Settings menu, where you can install our Shoutouts Bundle:

ChartHop install shoutout bundle

This Bundle Contains:

  1. Two Custom Fields

-A Long form text field called "Shoutout" for the actual shoutout.

-A Single-Select field called "Shoutout Value" that you can customize with your own company's values to say which of your companies values were embodied in this person's actions.

  1. One Custom Form

-Once activated, this custom form will appear in employee's profiles and will have the two questions outlined above (shoutout and shoutout value).

Keeping employees engaged and motivated

Employee shoutouts help create a culture of appreciation, community, and recognition.

The new bundle makes it easy to tell your colleagues just how special they are!

Reach out to if you have any questions.


Blog Author

Written by ChartHop Team

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