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Reintroducing Maps

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by Jason Schapiro

April 1st, 2021


The ChartHop Team

Everyone’s favorite map feature just got even better! 

As workforces plan for remote, hybrid, and returns to office, having an understanding of where your people are can have big advantages for communication and visibility across your org. 

As part of our UI redesign, we're launching our new and improved map feature! 

For leaders, these changes provide an even easier way to access pivotal information such as employee time zones. It also gives teams the chance to show their support for their employees by sending care packages to employees.

For employees, this can make them feel more connected to each other, even something as small as seeing your coworkers on the map -- and noticing that someone who is usually in NY is actually close to you in Boston now, can help build a relationship.

Read on for coverage on the newest features updates! 

Pins and marker upgrades

Employee locations are now marked by photo avatars, helping you put faces to locations. The new avatars also add an element of joy and humanity. As before, exact locations and addresses remain private.

ChartHop avatar map view

When in “Work” mode, office-based employees will be identified by an Office pin whereas remote employees are marked by their avatars. 

For “Home” mode, all employees are marked by their photo avatar.  


When selecting certain offices or cities, we now provide a donut graph breakdown of each group. 

Only essential contextual information is displayed on Highlights, such as:

  • Team
  • Employment Status
  • Band

ChartHop Map Highlights

It does not provide sensitive information like compensation. This information can be critical to understanding the distribution of teams throughout the globe. 

Side Panels

With Side Panels, ability to quickly navigate to a team’s corner of the org chart or see the team in a data sheet.

ChartHop Map Side Panel

This enables even faster insights when planning for specific teams, or for those analyzing location and department based data. 

Helping your teams stay connected and informed

As companies make changes to their org structures and office plans, having an understanding of where your people are can be a planning game changer.

It can also be a powerful tool to foster greater connectivity amongst team members. 


Blog Author

Written by Jason Schapiro

Senior Engineer

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