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Increase productivity and belonging while decreasing operational burden. Build plans for any business scenario.

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Give every employee the context they need.

An org chart that builds (and updates!) itself, without any manual work or human error.

Enhance new hire onboarding, workforce productivity and employee belonging by giving everyone a clear understanding of who does what and how they fit within the greater organization.


Know where your team is working from.

Visualize your remote workforce on the map, while maintaining employee privacy.

Develop contingency plans as local ordinances are issued, business hours vary due to changes in time zones or school closures, and hot spots develop in metro areas.

Plus, send care packages to affected employees!

Remote workforce map


Design and measure the impact of org changes.

Build alternate hiring plans, new team structures, proposed M&A outcomes, department-specific changes, org-wide compensation plans, and more.

Track every proposed change and understand the impact in your structure, headcount and budget.


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