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ChartHop completes SOC 2 Type 2 Examination

Oct 15, 2020| Reading time: 3min

BY ChartHop

Our customers trust us with their most valuable data.

As an org management platform built to help leaders make data-driven decisions, we take that responsibility very seriously. That’s why we build everything security-first and invest significant resources in securing our products and data.

To that end, we are hoppy to announce that we completed a Service Organization Control Type 2 (SOC 2 Type 2) examination by Schellman & Company, LLC.

This means that our platform has passed the third party’s tests for protecting our customers’ information and systems from:

  • Unauthorized access
  • Unauthorized disclosure of information
  • Damage to systems that could result in information leaks and impact security goals.

Locked bunny

The importance of security continues to increase

ChartHop’s emphasis on security takes on an even more important meaning during this time of remote work. Not only do employees need access to more information, but the number of cyberattacks has significantly risen since the start of the global pandemic.

With this SOC 2 announcement, HR and Finance teams can feel secure sharing compensation, performance, and demographic data through our recently announced compensation planning offering. This ease of data sharing allows managers to make informed decisions, without HR or finance creating hundreds of (insecure) spreadsheets. It also allows for quick insights to respond to any compensation inequalities before they go into effect.

Since day one, ChartHop has recognized the importance of building a secure platform,” said Julie Sommerville, VP of Engineering at ChartHop. Keeping that data confidential while putting it in the hands of the stakeholders who need it is a top priority. Successfully completing this examination is validation that we’ve built the right systems and processes.

Julie Sommerville, VP of Engineering @ ChartHop

Our engineering team will continue to keep security top-of-mind in everything we build. We will continue to meet the growing needs of our customers – from growing startups to large enterprise.

The SOC 2 certification is the standard for data security. It requires that companies establish and follow rigorous data security policies and procedures. Approval from an independent CPA ensures that we meet our customer’s security needs. Our customers can engage with ChartHop’s platform knowing that we are keeping their data safe and secure. So get hopping!

For more information on ChartHop’s security controls, please visit ChartHop’s security page.

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