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ChartHop Announces Successful SOC 2 Examination

Feb 29, 2020| Reading time: 2min

BY ChartHop

As an org management platform, ChartHopʼs primary goal is to organize your People data.

Protecting your sensitive data is both one of our core values and pivotal to that goal. You are entrusting us with sensitive data about your people, your most critical resource, and we do our best to earn that trust.

As part of that effort, ChartHop is proud to announce that it has successfully completed a SOC 2 examination by Schellman & Company.

The SOC 2 certification is widely recognized as the standard for data security. It requires that companies establish and follow rigorous data security policies and procedures.

By engaging Schellman, a renowned CPA firm, to examine and report on our controls, we have gained an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of such controls, particularly as it relates to your data Security. This means you can now be even more confident that your data is safe with ChartHop.

We are committed to building best-in-class data security policies and procedures to protect your data. As such, we will continue to pursue independent, third party examinations of such processes in the future.

Thank you for entrusting us! Reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

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