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Black Lives Matter

Jun 10, 2020| Reading time: 4min

BY ChartHop

These past weeks have put a national spotlight on the racism and injustice systematically endured by the Black community. Many of our teams, friends, and neighbors have been, and are, hurting.

Black lives matter.

We stand with the Black community. We stand for equity and justice and we commit to speaking up against violence, racism, and hatred.

There is so much work that we need to do as a nation to rebuild. Within the tech community, part of that work means actively combating racism in our workplace, and being thoughtful about the composition of our teams.

ChartHop’s mission is to increase transparency across organizations, and decrease the frictions and barriers that stand in the way of progress.

The ability to visualize an organization, seeing the realities of the team’s makeup, can influence hiring, training and internal mobility decisions. And transparency – enabling others across the organization to access this information – increases motivation to do the right thing.

Transparency drives accountability.

HR systems have not historically made this data easy to assemble. Before, if we wanted to know the percentage of Black professionals on the team, the distribution by department and level, and how average pay compares against other groups, our HR team would spend days, if not weeks, putting that together.

ChartHop team diversity reporting

These are some of the aggregated representation metrics we track across the ChartHop team.

Using ChartHop internally and really seeing the team’s makeup has definitely influenced how I think about growing our own team. Even so, I debated whether or not to post our own org chart. It feels uncomfortable – and that’s the point. I know we have a lot more work to do, and we’re committed to adding more Black and underrepresented team members across different levels in the organization as we continue to grow.

ChartHop team by race and ethnicity

This is the ChartHop team’s org chart highlighted by race and ethnicity.

As a company that supports organizations in understanding and planning their teams, we can do more.

To support you in your own DEI initiatives, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to enable you to gain insights into your DEI metrics and build transparency within your organization.

For ChartHop customers, we’ve published a free bundle that allows you see your team’s data within seconds.

One small dashboard won’t fix all of the nation’s problems. And just knowing is only as good as the actions we take from there.

The work ahead of us is hard and incredibly important. And it is up to all of us to not just speak up, but also act. We hope this helps you spend less time analyzing the data and more time acting on it.

Please share your feedback at any time — this is a time for listening, and I’m listening.


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