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G2 names ChartHop High Performer in Winter Report

Dec 15, 2020| Reading time: 2min

BY ChartHop

We’re thrilled to share that ChartHop has secured the coveted title of “High Performer” in’s Grid Report for Org Chart | Winter 2021.

ChartHop was also awarded as a High Performer in the Mid-Market Org Chart Category.

Our team has been working hard to refine our product so it meets the needs of our customers in an ever-evolving workplace. That’s why this recognition is so validating – because it comes directly from our customers.

From building org-wide alignment with our org chart to creating plans that enable orgs to adapt to future scenarios, we love to see how our customers are leveraging ChartHop to drive strategic action.

“We’ve all experienced unprecedented changes in the workplace this year. Yet our customers are staying resilient and agile in the face of change,” says our CEO, Ian White. “Every day we’re inspired by the ways they’re using their data to design more collaborative and inclusive workplaces.. It’s incredibly humbling to receive their recognition, and we’ll keep partnering with them to help them design better organizations.”

Check out some of the great customer reviews that made this possible!

ChartHop Winter 2021 G2 Review

ChartHop Winter 2021 G2 Review

ChartHop Winter 2021 G2 Review

From the nice comments to the constructive feedback, our customer’s thoughtful reviews help us build a better, more impactful product.

Thank you to our #HoppyCustomers – your support makes us hop with joy!

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