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April 2022 Product Updates: Centralizing Your Data

Apr 26, 2022| Reading time: 4min

BY ChartHop

Centralizing your people data and making that data easily accessible to everyone who needs it is always a top priority. That’s why ChartHop has been hard at work to improve these capabilities, and we’re excited to share a series of updates that will deliver a better experience for ChartHop admins.

Consolidate and Visualize Your People Data

Spreadsheet Importer

Spreadsheet Importer

We’ve revamped the data upload and import experience. Now, a new guided flow can help you successfully import your data into ChartHop via a spreadsheet. As part of this flow, the platform recognizes and surfaces data errors that occur upon import so you can resolve them quickly. Additionally, you can access pre-built CSV templates to easily match your data to ChartHop.

Invite to Org

Invite to Org

Looking to bring more of your employees onto ChartHop? You can now bulk invite or remove users all from the Users page. And now, the Users page also includes more detailed information about each user’s access levels and permissions, allowing admins to know what data each individual user can see in ChartHop. Further, the user view now includes more detailed information about each user’s access levels, which is helpful for understanding what individual users can see in ChartHop.

Org Chart Navigation

Org Chart Navigation

Next, we made it easier to zoom in or out of your Org Chart and to go back to a standard view with a  “Reset View” option. The Org Chart now also includes an indicator that shows data such as the total headcount under a manager or executive. These enhancements make it easier to navigate the Org Chart and find the information you need.

Simplify and Support Your Recruiting Workflow

Job Codes

Job Codes

An update to Job Codes allows you to group jobs together by additional characteristics beyond just team and department to standardize reporting and maintain data accuracy. For example, if you have multiple open jobs with different titles, but you view those open roles as all being part of the same job family, you can now group those jobs together by a unique job code. Grouping the jobs together by that unique code allows you to report on open roles in ChartHop in a way that’s more consistent with unique team structure and overall goals.

Notably, any companies that use the ChartHop-Greenhouse integration will now have the ability to match and group jobs together by unique job ID in Greenhouse. This update will help streamline and improve reporting accuracy.

ATS Reconciliation

ATS Reconciliation

For any users who integrate Greenhouse with ChartHop, you can now set up the integration to automatically reconcile the data between your ATS system and ChartHop once daily to ensure your data is always properly synced between platforms. Additionally, you will have the option to reconcile data on-demand as needed, which is especially helpful when there are bulk updates that need to be reflected.

While we have not yet released ATS Reconciliation for companies that integrate Lever with ChartHop, we plan to make those updates in the coming months.

How to Get Started

To dive deeper into any of these feature releases, check out our support documentation and search for the update you’d like to learn more about.

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