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Leverage payroll data for strategic planning with the new Gusto + ChartHop integration

Dec 14, 2020| Reading time: 4min

BY ChartHop

With so much uncertainty rippling throughout the globe, it’s more important than ever to create plans that reflect your businesses’ current and future needs.

Yet, many growing startups don’t have the tools and systems they need to make the right hiring and comp decisions at the right time.

ChartHop enables your managers to propose changes that

  • Stay aligned toward your org’s budget and goals
  • Keep equity top of mind
  • Maintain data secure with clear permission settings and approval workflows

Now with the new ChartHop + Gusto integration, customers can leverage their Gusto payroll and benefits data to plan for the future, no spreadsheets needed.

Own your payroll data

ChartHop pulls Gusto’s present and historic data, giving you instant visualizations of your payroll and people data. You can see your org chart, everyone on the data sheet, and even build robust reports within seconds.

Mean compensation by gender over time

Average comp by gender over time.

ChartHop’s data-rich visualizations bring Gusto’s data to new heights. Daily syncs ensure that you’re always analyzing the most up-to-date numbers, all without the nightmare of manually downloading and creating reports in spreadsheets.

Use these reports at board meetings, leadership stand ups, and All Hands. When everyone is aligned on where your company stands, you can more intentionally plan for the future.

Drive strategic plans from your Gusto data

With quick insights into your payroll and people data, you can more strategically forecast future changes.

By integrating ChartHop + Gusto, leaders can access the current and historical data needed to create plans and make data-informed decisions.

As changes are proposed, ChartHop tracks every change so leaders can understand and stay aligned to impact in structure, headcount, and budget.

This is particularly relevant right now as companies continue to plan for potential futures given the impact of COVID.

Propose compensation changes that align with your budget

Propose compensation changes that are aligned to your company’s budget.

Customers use Scenarios to collaborate on alternate hiring plans, new team structures, proposed M&A outcomes, department-specific changes, org-wide compensation plans, and more.

Share your proposed headcount plans for approval

Bring decision-makers on board with real-time collaboration.

Using ChartHop’s sandbox planning environment, you can use your Gusto data to make proposed headcount plans based on different financial scenarios.

That means you have the information you need to hire the right people at the right time.

Impact of headcount planning

Connecting ChartHop to Gusto is simple

To set it up, go to the Apps and Integrations page and find Gusto.

  1. Install the Gusto app.
  2. Login and authorize the ChartHop app.

You’ll be redirected back to ChartHop where you can customize your settings. Reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Now, every time you make changes to your team or in payroll, those changes will automatically be synced to ChartHop.

With ChartHop + Gusto, you can keep track of:

  • New and departed team members
  • Title changes
  • Manager changes
  • Group/team changes
  • Compensation changes
  • & more.

Plan your business’s future with intention

We’re excited to partner with Gusto! We hope this additional functionality helps leaders build smarter and more strategic plans for the future.

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