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September 2020 Product Updates: Demographic Data

Sep 29, 2020| Reading time: 4min

BY ChartHop

At ChartHop, one of our biggest takeaways from 2020 is the importance of driving a sustainable strategy to increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace. Despite the abundance of diverse talent, organizations across all sectors are struggling to hire and retain under-represented and non-white professionals.

Building a comprehensive DEI strategy

In 2019, a Russell Reynolds Survey of 234 S&P 500 chief diversity officers uncovered that only 35% of them had access to company demographic metrics and over 50% said they did not have the resources or support required to effectively do their work. CDOs and other people leaders are faced with the daunting task of overcoming systemic bias, but are lacking the basic tools. A crucial component to the success of a CDO, or anyone responsible for DEI initiatives, is access to transparent metrics and data-driven insights around salaries, bonuses, hiring, opportunities, and promotions across racial and gender lines.

Using ChartHop, you can implement sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion, practices and commit to making them an integral part of your culture.

In partnership with Cowboy Ventures, we’ve created a bundle that enables organizations to gather demographic data from employees through an anonymous, voluntary self-ID survey. Along with any existing HRIS/ATS syncs and uploaded data, the survey can be used to capture and store relevant employee data, including, but not limited to:

  • Gender (including non-binary & other)
  • Ethnicity (EEOC + detailed)
  • Sexual orientation and transgender status
  • Pronouns
  • Age / Generation
  • First Generation College Student
  • Veteran status
  • Disability status
  • Previous Incarceration
  • Highest Education Level
  • Parents’ Education Level

The survey will appear to employees as shown below, but it is completely customizable and can be configured by ChartHop admins within the custom forms page.

Comprehensive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Self-ID form

Visualizing and sharing data to drive action

Once all of the data is compiled, the org chart can be broken down into any of the captured fields to create powerful visualizations like this one (note that only those with access to the data will be able to see the colors on the org chart):

Org chart colored by Ethnicity

The bundle also contains robust reports showing both point-in-time and historical analysis which can be tailored for presenting at all-hands meetings, leadership meetings, board reports, and recurring updates.

You can refer to this chart for our recommendation on who to share the reports with and how often:

Recommendation of which reports to share with who

Improved data access across the organization will pave the way for better hiring, managing, and strategic decisions, especially when used to supplement the following processes:

  • Compensation Planning: When compensation planning comes around, consider any existing pay gaps. With your base compensation, variable compensation, and equity in ChartHop, you can get a granular view of any discrepancies, and act to correct them.
  • Performance Reviews: Take previous performance ratings and see how they differ across gender and ethnicity – are there any trends? How can we spot unconscious bias and address it.
  • Org Restructures: ChartHop will help you answer the following questions and propose solutions – are any functional teams lacking in certain genders/ethnicities/underrepresented minorities? Do we have diverse management and executive teams?

The time to act is now

We are excited help you increase transparency and belonging across your organization and take your DEI efforts to the next level, with our time-saving, data-driven solutions.

Head to our Apps and Integrations page from the settings menu, where you can install our Cowboy Ventures – Recommended DEI Reports Bundle!

Downloading bundle

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