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Enhance your data analysis with ChartHop’s new column chooser

Dec 1, 2020| Reading time: 3min

BY ChartHop

The answers to HR and People team’s most pressing challenges lie in understanding their workplaces. With recent advancements in tech, teams are benefiting from tools that allow them to better recruit, build, and support their workforces. What’s the catch?

Information is only as valuable as it is accessible.

HR tech stacks keep data siloed across different platforms for recruiting, training, onboarding, succession planning, employee performance, and more. When you’re managing 4+ systems across a team, that’s a lot of numbers and metrics to keep track of.

ChartHop’s seamless integrations pull in data from your tech stack into one secure command center. And now, you can leverage the new column chooser to more easily find and analyze this data. That means faster insights and bigger wins for your team.

Leveraging the column chooser for faster, more strategic insights

Customers are driving tailored insights with custom fields, with some having 200+ fields. While we love data as much as you do, we know this can create pain points with so much to organize and sift through.

This new column chooser feature helps you identify the most relevant data points for your reporting and analytics.

column chooser main nav

Now with the column chooser, you can more easily find data from your integrations and custom fields. Our column chooser enables you to easily locate the custom field data you are looking for and surface information that’s most relevant for the project you’re working on.

column chooser search through fields

Here are some key features that have us hyped!

  • Keyword filter – Lightning-fast filtering of the column labels based on matching whatever you type in the field. Code names are also supported.

column chooser search

  • Exposing more built-in fields – You now have direct access to many of the fields you’ve been asking for like first and last name!
  • Additional data – Including richer data – code name, description, data type, and editability.
  • Ordering – Ability to easily configure the order of columns before you view the data sheet.

column chooser ordering

Information is only as valuable as it is accessible.

Data helps orgs run smoothly and to make informed people decisions. Having your data all in one place is part of that.

All that time you’re spending on collecting and organizing data could be time spent driving real-time insights that push your org closer to its goals.

We’re proud to offer tools that allow customers to customize their people data and tailor them to their org’s unique needs.

The new column chooser now makes your data more manageable so you can drive faster, better, and more strategic action.

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