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October 2022 Product Updates: Usability Improvements to Reports, Data Sharing, Compensation, and ATS Syncs

Oct 26, 2022

BY ChartHop

This month at ChartHop, we’ve made usability updates to Reports and Access Controls, added ATS syncs to Sync History, and added more currency options to our new Compensation module. We’ve made these product improvements to build towards a more seamless product experience and directly address what we’ve been hearing from users. 

Optimizing New Hire and Transfer Calculations in Reports

Updates to ChartHop’s reporting now make it easier to accurately report on internal transfers and new hires. Specifically, two new filters in the reporting dropdown now allow you to create accurate, distinct reports on new hires and recent transfers: 

  • Recent Hire
  • Recent Transfer

With this update, you can ensure more accuracy and granularity in your workforce reporting.

Optimizing New Hire and Transfer Calculations in Reports


Changing Owners for Abandoned Reports

Now you can easily recover reports that were created by users who have left the organization. Org Owners can recover abandoned reports themselves or work with ChartHop to hand off reports that were created by users who no longer have access. This update makes it easier to preserve valuable reporting dashboards, regardless of the owner.

Accessing Control Permissions for CSV Exports

To improve access controls for exporting data, organizations with accounts that include Custom Roles can now set up those roles to include CSV export permissions. Having the ability to explicitly allow or deny export capability permissions at the role level makes it easier for admins to control how org data is shared.

Smarter Currency Defaults

Multinational organizations can now easily configure default currency settings when modeling out employee compensation packages. Simply choose defaults based on employee location (e.g. home address country) or job location to ensure compensation is accurate. With this update, organizations with employees around the globe can more precisely represent employee compensation packages.

Smarter Currency Defaults


Introducing ATS Sync Status

ChartHop’s sync history page gives you full visibility into the quality of your data at any given time, allowing you to see the status of any data sync and discover errors that may have occurred during the sync. With the ability to easily rerun any failed syncs, you can quickly resolve data quality issues on your own. 

We’ve now added ATS syncs to this page and included powerful new filters to customize your view of relevant syncs by app, data flow direction, and date. For each completed ATS sync, you can now:

  • See what data was updated in ChartHop or in the ATS 
  • Track when each sync was completed
  • Determine whether the sync was automatic or manual
  • Visualize whether there were any errors
  • Troubleshoot any errors that may have occurred 


Ready to get started? 

ChartHop customers can check out our support documentation to access more details on these features, or contact your Customer Success Manager. 

If you’re not a customer and would like to learn more, please request a demo tailored to your organization.


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