Leveraging DEI Data and Initiatives to Build Inclusive Workplaces

Too often DEI data and DEI initiatives operate in silos. Sharing DEI data is not enough without the right people to thoughtfully use those insights to address behavior change. Yet, conducting blanket trainings without a targeted focus will ultimately fall flat. 

For true systemic change to happen, orgs need to take a targeted and comprehensive approach. 

Hear DEI experts Tamika Curry Smith (The TCS Group, Inc.), Ulysses Smith (Blend), Natasha Kehimkar (Malida Advisors), Anthony Santa Maria (ChartHop), and Alison Crawford (Ripple) share best practices for how businesses can leverage data, trainings, and educational initiatives to achieve more equitable workplaces for all. 

In this webcast you’ll learn:

  • Current challenges and opportunities for DEI leaders 
  • Ways that data can make trainings more strategic and effective
  • Tips for tying learnings from trainings to individual and company-wide goals

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