Strategies to Foster Employee Connections Across Locations, Lived Experiences and Identities

With workforces shifting from a physical office to fully distributed and everything in-between, evolving employee expectations around transparency and engagement has put an exclamation point on the need for intentional programs to bring people together and deepen connections. For HR and DEI leaders, solving for this need requires a comprehensive strategy that has tangible benefits on the company bottom line while facilitating avenues for connections and enabling employee belonging.

When building out such a strategy, it’s best to start with a data-driven approach that will allow HR professionals to track and report on progress, surface opportunities for improvement and provide critical insights to employees throughout the organization.

In this session recording, you’ll learn:

  • What it looks like to keep a global team of almost 1,700 employees that spans across 7 countries and three continents connected
  • Why creating the opportunity for employees to self-ID and subsequent reporting drives inclusion
  • Additional initiatives for digital employee engagement, including badging, mentorship and peer celebrations

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