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Culture and Experience

Improve office culture, even when the office is a kitchen table


Automate processes, increase transparency, and celebrate your employees

Company culture is hard won and easily lost. ChartHop helps you create a great place to work, and keep it that way by elevating the employee experience through organizational transparency, easy access to data, and new ways to celebrate accomplishments. Oh, and the ability to automate those processes makes life that much better for you in HR.

Save time for strategic initiatives by making data wrangling a thing of the past
Promote transparency, access, and empowerment for all
Use people data to change company culture for the better
Make your workplace a great place, wherever your people are
Keep a pulse on overall employee sentiment
Celebrate your employees for a job well done on a public forum

Boost connection among distributed teams

The more far flung your workforce, the more you need to keep everyone connected in a single place. Help your employees get to know each other with highly visual org charts, directories, and maps that include lifestyle and location data as well as employment information.

Celebrate and appreciate your people

What's better than celebrating wins and milestones, like birthdays and work anniversaries, with a cake in the break room? With updates automatically fed to Slack, managers will never miss a beat on their teams, and the entire company can celebrate important milestones and shoutouts for a job well done. Lean into those wins – you deserve it.

Simplify and secure access to critical information

Accessing personal performance and comp history shouldn’t take more than a few clicks. Give every employee access with easy-to-use, personalized dashboards showing up-to-date information on compensation (including salary, bonus, and equity comp), goals, performance history, 1:1 notes, survey responses, and more. And you’re always in control of what information is made available to people with ChartHop’s flexible security settings.

Help your people, and yourselves

Stop data wrangling and start data automating by streamlining key processes within HR – whether that’s automating birthday messages, better leveraging your HRIS data, or giving employees a self-serve platform to access all their information.

Having employees from different parts of the world, being able to have everyone in one place, with their information integrated, really allows us to have a better notion of where the company is standing and where we want to take it.



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