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Consolidate all your people data with an employee-centric platform that empowers everyone to make better decisions.

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Turn people data into the central nervous system of your organization, so you can use it to transform culture, DEI, planning, and more.

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ChartHop is transforming the way companies manage and support their people by creating more informed, empowered, and connected organizations.

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We're focused on ensuring our company is transparent, inclusive, and supportive. And that we hire the best humans to build it, together.

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Onboarding Buddy for Work: How (and Why) to Build Your Program

A successful onboarding experience can be the catalyst for new hires to quickly integrate into the social fabric of your company, which can expedite job satisfaction. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is with an onboarding buddy program.

Scaling a Team Without Losing Culture

Watch this candid conversation with three Talent leaders about what they’ve seen work and what they’re excited about as it relates to scaling a team without losing culture.

Winning the First Impression: Why a Great Employee Experience Starts Before the First Day

Candidates who are considering taking the next step at your company must see your culture first-hand, and their first window to it is through their overall candidate experience. Learn how to create a strong employee experience before Day 1.