Finance Leaders

Make sense of the dollars spent on your people

Behold, a platform that actually boosts efficiency

Your team is busy — the last thing you need is another point solution to manage and pay for each year. Consolidate your tech stack with ChartHop, one platform that supports key people and planning processes so you can easily collaborate with business partners and HR on all your people needs.

Guide Managers and Leaders

Create a set of guidelines so leaders can clearly see the impact of compensation changes on their budget pools. Dynamic graphs update so leaders can make informed talent decisions while staying within budget guidelines.

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Performance and Compensation Together

Use performance ratings, goal attainment information or other data to inform compensation decisions. Empower your leaders to see the full picture when making compensation adjustments. Works best with ChartHop's Performance module or import data from other sources.

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Secure Collaboration

Collaborate securely across HR, Finance, and leadership. Give leaders access to update only the data they need in the cycle. Create unique access roles for key supporters like HRBPs or Finance Analysts. Preview before launch to see exactly what each stakeholder will see.

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Real-time Budget Tracking

Understand the overall company budget impact in real-time with visualizations broken down by team, department, and more. Give your leadership the information they need without complicated, fragile spreadsheet models.

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Compensation Cycle Configuration

Craft your comp cycle the way you need it. Guide leadership decision-making with budgets and guidelines. Maintain your compensation framework with compensation bands. Ensure alignment with approval workflows.

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Secure Scenario Planning

Quickly share scenario plans with the right people. Build privately then share or combine scenarios with other leaders. Confidently share plans using configurable access controls to securely restrict what data is visible to each person.

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Allocate Budgets for Planning

Allocate budgets for leaders to use when building out headcount plans. Use Dashboards to understand the impact of changes on the organization.

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Configurable Approval Workflows

Build the right process for your organization by routing approvals to the right people based on cost or change type. Turn your policies into seamless workflows to align hiring managers, leadership, Finance, Talent, and People teams with efficient approval processes.

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Visual Scenario Planning

Easily create and explore potential changes to your organization. Intuitively open new roles or reorganize management structure by simply dragging and dropping on the org chart. Then, switch over to a data sheet or dashboard view to analyze the budget or demographic impact of your proposed changes.

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