Our Investors

ChartHop is proud to be backed by the best people in tech and People tech.

From our investors

"ChartHop is the kind of HR software a deeply technical engineering leader would build if they were sick of dealing with spreadsheets to manage hundreds of engineers."

David Ulevitch
General Partner, A16Z

"As organizations focus on creating more diverse teams, being able to easily visualize the organization’s makeup in ChartHop makes a world of difference. Data begets action."

Robby Peters
PeopleTech Partners

"ChartHop streamlines the arcane and tedious tools that have dragged down progress for years, replacing them with a single platform that seamlessly integrates with existing systems and empowers people-centric decision-making."

David Aronoff
Partner, Flybridge

"The first time we saw a ChartHop demo, the value and the why now just clicked. Planning and managing organizations, people growth and modeling org changes has been mostly manual until now – ChartHop automagically makes it all happen in software."

Aileen Lee
Managing Partner, Cowboy Ventures

"Every operator who has gone through rapid growth will instantly understand the potential impact of ChartHop on daily decision making."

Jordan Wan
Partner, CoFound

"ChartHop is the best real time view into the people systems and data within growing companies that lets you model, plan and understand your team in a helpful way.How you grow your organization with new talent and cultivate an existing workforce is streamlined through a single platform that lets you see the data you need to make smart decisions.If you are quickly hiring and scaling your business, there’s no better tool than ChartHop."

Eric Friedman
Venture Partner & COO, Company Ventures

"We live and operate in a world where access to real time information on demand is table stakes. It’s crazy to think that we haven’t had this be the case for people teams and companies more broadly.ChartHop is finally giving organizations the access and transparency they need to successfully operate in this new world."

Moshie Lifschitz
Founder & Managing Partner, Basement Fund

"ChartHop is the perfect product for companies in a world where remote work is the standard, where building diverse teams is critical, and being agile as a business is the only way to thrive."

David Politis
CEO, BetterCloud

"As the former leader of a team of nearly 800 people all over the world, the organizational picture that ChartHop can easily and quickly provide is something I wish I had nearly every day.I think the immediate need for leaders to have visibility across their teams has only increased with remote work becoming the norm and having diverse teams becoming more urgent."

Shannon Brayton
Former CMO, LinkedIn
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