People Leaders

Transform how you manage and support your people

Empower your org through insights, alignment, and action

The responsibilities of People teams are ever-expanding, and so are the sources of data and technology People leaders require to be most effective. ChartHop has your back with a single, unified platform for your people data and operations, that also enables executive alignment and facilitates employee connection and engagement across the org. ChartHop is the People Operations Platform you wish you’d had all along.

Employee Resource Pages

Use our flexible resource pages to make ChartHop the one place you send employees looking for information. Create policy, benefit, and team pages with the power of your favorite document tool. Share content organization-wide or precisely limit access by department, team, location, and more.

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AI-Powered Insights

Find and reveal patterns and trends in your data you might have missed with powerful AI summaries. Embed AI insights alongside charts on your dashboards. Quickly see AI summaries of long text responses to open ended survey questions for quick insight you can action.

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People Data in One Place

Centralize your people data into one global, single source of truth with all employee data accessible from a single employee profile.  Build your ideal HR tech stack with ChartHop as the central hub. Our open APIs offer an easy, secure way to access your people data.

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Performance and Compensation Together

Use performance ratings, goal attainment information or other data to inform compensation decisions. Empower your leaders to see the full picture when making compensation adjustments. Works best with ChartHop's Performance module or import data from other sources.

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Secure Collaboration

Collaborate securely across HR, Finance, and leadership. Give leaders access to update only the data they need in the cycle. Create unique access roles for key supporters like HRBPs or Finance Analysts. Preview before launch to see exactly what each stakeholder will see.

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Compensation Cycle Configuration

Craft your comp cycle the way you need it. Guide leadership decision-making with budgets and guidelines. Maintain your compensation framework with compensation bands. Ensure alignment with approval workflows.

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Secure Scenario Planning

Quickly share scenario plans with the right people. Build privately then share or combine scenarios with other leaders. Confidently share plans using configurable access controls to securely restrict what data is visible to each person.

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Anonymous Surveys & Forms

Accurately capture employee sentiment on sensitive topics using anonymous surveys. Hide names and identifying information, but maintain demographic data or go fully anonymous. Set up anonymous forms to collect feedback on sensitive topics at any point.

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AI Summaries

Use AI to instantly summarize hundreds of open-ended responses within an engagement survey. Generate summaries for all responses or for certain subsets of employees to better understand patterns and emerging themes.

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Securely Share Survey Results

Empower managers and executives to understand engagement data while keeping sensitive information safe. Allow specific users to safely explore and analyze their team's data with smart reporting limits.

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Engagement Data Analysis

Use dashboards to analyze engagement alongside your other people data for deeper insights. Break down results by department, team, gender, race, age group, or any other data point you want. Track survey compliance and drive full participation.

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Survey Configuration

Build out surveys for your engagement cycle. Automatically send surveys at key moments in the employee journey: onboarding, manager changes, and exit. Send recurring eNPS or pulse surveys. Choose from 15+ question types and get started quickly with our bundled templates.

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Historical Performance Record

Use employees' profiles as the source of truth for people's current and past performance records. Make historical performance ratings, goals, 1:1 notes, feedback, and recognition accessible to employees and their current managers.

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Performance Review Configuration

Build the program you want with completely configurable questions, workflows, reports, and processes. Create the perfect forms with 15 different question types and quick-start templates. Set up workflows with rules for eligibility, form editing, performance rating approvals, and review release. Adjust the review processes for different employee populations.

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