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Empower your people with everything they need to succeed in your organization

Connect your people data and your people ops

People Operations is the heartbeat of the People team. ChartHop makes sure you stay in sync by unifying all of your people data and operations onto one platform. ChartHop’s People Operations Platform empowers you to perform all the critical functions needed to keep the People team going and to support your employees through every stage of their journey. Plus, you’ll save yourself valuable time managing a multitude of people data requests, as ChartHop makes it easy for employees, recruiters, and managers to access the info they need. Less time looking up that last promotion date means more time to spend on your people programs.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Create your perfect onboarding and offboarding workflow. Set up custom forms, tasks, emails, and messages to ensure a seamless experience for new hires and those supporting them. Automate the sending of onboarding and exit surveys to capture feedback at the right moment.

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Compensation Cycle Configuration

Craft your comp cycle the way you need it. Guide leadership decision-making with budgets and guidelines. Maintain your compensation framework with compensation bands. Ensure alignment with approval workflows.

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Empower Managers and Leaders

Empower managers to request org changes on their own. Guided workflows allow them to open a new job, update an existing job, or terminate and create a backfill then send the request for approval. Set up required fields so approvals have all the information they need.

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Configurable Approval Workflows

Build the right process for your organization by routing approvals to the right people based on cost or change type. Turn your policies into seamless workflows to align hiring managers, leadership, Finance, Talent, and People teams with efficient approval processes.

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Share Recognition on Slack

Customize your recognition program. Celebrate employees for living your values and share out that recognition in Slack. Easily reference recognition during Performance cycles using ChartHop's Performance Module.

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Survey Configuration

Build out surveys for your engagement cycle. Automatically send surveys at key moments in the employee journey: onboarding, manager changes, and exit. Send recurring eNPS or pulse surveys. Choose from 15+ question types and get started quickly with our bundled templates.

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Continuous Performance Management

Empower managers with continuous performance management tools like 1:1s and goal tracking. Automatically send out forms at the right time. Allow peers to share private feedback or public recognition with shoutouts pushed to Slack.

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Monitor Completion Rates

Monitor every stage of your performance process. View employee participation and compliance at the manager level. Step in to nudge responses with customizable reminder messages.

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Best Practice Templates

Use best-practice templates for effective reviews, including 360, upward, downward, or peer. Quickly set up peer shoutouts, OKR forms, and more. Configure to fit your organization.

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Performance Data Analysis

Analyze performance data alongside all your people data using dynamic dashboards. Sync data to another system or spreadsheets and put it to use directly with ChartHop's Compensation Reviews or Headcount Planning modules.

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Performance Review Configuration

Build the program you want with completely configurable questions, workflows, reports, and processes. Create the perfect forms with 15 different question types and quick-start templates. Set up workflows with rules for eligibility, form editing, performance rating approvals, and review release. Adjust the review processes for different employee populations.

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