Talent Acquisition Teams

Finally, aligned headcount plans so you can crush your hiring goals

Eliminate headcount headaches to spend your time where it matters

Between managing relationships with hiring managers and addressing your pipeline of candidates, there’s tons of room for error in the end-to-end recruiting process. You may also find yourself spending more time in internal meetings discussing roles than actually talking with great candidates. Gain a seat at the headcount planning table, ensure you’re always operating off the right hiring data, and save hours on every new req through better alignment and automated recruiting processes.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Create your perfect onboarding and offboarding workflow. Set up custom forms, tasks, emails, and messages to ensure a seamless experience for new hires and those supporting them. Automate the sending of onboarding and exit surveys to capture feedback at the right moment.

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People Data in One Place

Centralize your people data into one global, single source of truth with all employee data accessible from a single employee profile.  Build your ideal HR tech stack with ChartHop as the central hub. Our open APIs offer an easy, secure way to access your people data.

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Visual Compensation Letters

Celebrate promotions and raises by delivering beautiful, branded, visual compensation letters. Pull any data from employee records or compensation cycles into configurable letters. Add charts to communicate key data like compensation breakdowns. Save hours of manual work as personalized letters are automatically generated, sent to managers, and saved to employee profiles.

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Empower Managers and Leaders

Empower managers to request org changes on their own. Guided workflows allow them to open a new job, update an existing job, or terminate and create a backfill then send the request for approval. Set up required fields so approvals have all the information they need.

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Push Open Jobs to Your ATS

Prevent opening unapproved roles by controlling headcount plans in ChartHop then automatically pushing approved job requisitions to Ashby, Greenhouse, Jobvite, or Lever. Sync critical job details and recruiting metrics to understand how you are executing against your headcount plan.

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Configurable Approval Workflows

Build the right process for your organization by routing approvals to the right people based on cost or change type. Turn your policies into seamless workflows to align hiring managers, leadership, Finance, Talent, and People teams with efficient approval processes.

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Visual Scenario Planning

Easily create and explore potential changes to your organization. Intuitively open new roles or reorganize management structure by simply dragging and dropping on the org chart. Then, switch over to a data sheet or dashboard view to analyze the budget or demographic impact of your proposed changes.

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