Customer Success and Professional Services

More than a vendor, top-notch customer success and professional services help achieve your goals.

Your ChartHop
Customer Experience Team

Technology is only as good as the support you receive with it (bonus points if you don’t have to press 0 to speak with a human). That’s why ChartHop’s Customer Experience Team* works alongside you from day one to make sure you get the most out of your investment in our platform. Think of your ChartHop Customer Experience Team as an extension of your own – we’re always a chat or video call away at every stage of your journey.

*The Customer Experience Team is a benefit of ChartHop Core Modules. ChartHop Basic customers have access to our Support Team and technical documentation only.

Experience a smooth and speedy setup tailored to your organization’s needs led by our Implementation Specialists.

Ensure continued growth on the ChartHop platform with a Customer Success Manager by your side as a strategic partner.

Get unstuck and answer questions quickly at any time: Our Support Engineers are standing by to help with anything that may come up along the way.

Join our Happy Customers

Extremely User Friendly

"I like the usability of the platform, especially when the ES team has surveys about my tenure at the workplace. It gives a very elucidated view of all the parameters of my job, including my compensation. The best feature I love is present in the Dashboard, where you can see the past and upcoming Birthdays, People moves as well as a clean, easy to understand Org Chart graph."

Beautiful org chart interface helps me find people

"Very intuitive interface makes it easier for me to find people in our 600+ person global organization and connect with them."

Great hub for People Data

"The user interface is engaging, and the website is extremely easy to learn and use. ChartHop has made working with our people data a breeze! Plus, the support team is fantastic and always quickly addresses any issues."

Innovative approach at organization charts

"The UI is extremely intuitive and and very pleasant to work with. The time toggler filter is a great way to see and track company, people, and departments' growth over time."

ChartHop is a MAGICAL portal!

"My favorite part of Charthop is the UX/UI when you log into the portal. I love how interactive the portal is and how it brings the org chart to life. With over 700 employees globally, it can be tough to understand who reports to who internally, and the tool makes finding that information a breeze."

ChartHop is super useful and I use it daily

"I find the org chart very useful and I use it frquently to learn more about the people in my company that I talk with daily on line, but may never meet in person."

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