The People Ops Platform

A unified source for people data that empowers your organization with insights, alignment, and action

Org Chart

Explore your organization interactively with our powerful Org Chart. Easily understand management relationships and surface insights by visualizing multiple data points to help you correlate trends. Track your organization's evolution over time with our animated timeline slider.

Employee Profiles

Create descriptive views of who each person is and what their job is. Quickly reference or update key personal or job information. Understand historical context with timelines of changes.  Showcase total compensation & equity. Configure custom profile tabs to highlight any information you'd like. All data is protected with configurable access levels.

Data Sheet

The most familiar way to manage HR data is a spreadsheet. We've taken this familiar interface to the next level with our Data Sheet. Quickly pull any data point into the table then filter and sort to create the perfect view for any use case. Then edit the data with simple inputs or create advanced calculations in seconds. Sync live data to a Google Sheet or Excel doc too.

Map View

Locate your team and organization better with the map view. Plot your all of your organization's locations alongside remote employees. Understand the how your teams are distributed and the breakdown of each location. Whether visiting a new region or analyzing potential new locations the Map view is invaluable.

Company Calendar

Stay organized with a unified Company Calendar view. Track birthdays, work anniversaries, start dates, performance reviews, holidays, and more. View a week at a glance on the home screen or explore the entire month in the dedicated view. Quick filters allow you to view events for just your department, team, or directs.

AI-Powered Dashboards

Make impactful, data-driven decisions with AI-powered Dashboards. Enable designed dashboards with a single click or create your own with our powerful chart builder. Add single metrics, notes, and AI insights to share a compelling people analytics story for your organization.

Platform Modules

The ChartHop People Ops Platform Essentials comes with any of the following core ChartHop modules:


Unlock the power of your people data with a single source of truth

Compensation Reviews

Giving good news made easy, efficient, and equitable

Headcount Planning

Collaborative, data-driven workforce modeling, forecasting, and workflows


Empower individuals to grow with 360 degree performance reviews


Facilitate ad-hoc employee feedback outside of performance cycles

Customer Stories

ChartHop is proud to partner with some of the best companies in the world.

"I just could not believe how many leaders told me how easy it was for them to use ChartHop. And that had a huge impact, because all of our managers felt empowered to actually manage their own budget and make smart proposals based on comp history and pay bands."

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Nanea Fujiyama
Director of People,

"We love ChartHop. Now, we have everything in one place for greater transparency, visibility, and time savings. For our People org, it’s the best thing we’re using."

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Jelena Tomasevic
HR Operations,

"ChartHop has been a critical tool in my organization's succession planning and data comprehension. Now I can blueprint my organizational changes and understand budget impact - all in one place. ChartHop will help you more efficiently look at and analyze your organization. I can't imagine what we'd do without it."

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David Dankenbrink
VP, Human Resources,
Remy Cointreau

"Initially, we looked at a dedicated people analytics tool that had extraneous features. We ultimately decided that people analytics and headcount planning was really our sore spot and ChartHop’s People Operations Platform solved that better than any other solution we saw."

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Taylor Roa
Director of Talent and Culture,

"The ability to take information from different systems and put it all together in one place is super useful. We’re now using ChartHop for more things than we thought we would in the first place."

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Kevin Brock
Associate Director of People Ops,
Movable Ink

"ChartHop visualized comp data in a way that was very clear for our compensation managers to see what they could spend, how they could allocate their budget across their team, and the implications of proposed changes. Having this level of clarity helped us hit our goals around compensation spend."

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Julie Debuhr
Head of Employee Experience, 1Password

"The amount of time that we've saved on our annual compensation cycle and the improvement in both employee and manager experience with ChartHop is incredible. Instead of having five people work nights and weekends on this, we had two people working on it, with no overtime. The entire process was less stressful for our team, and our data output is reliable and accurate. To add to this we came out on budget."

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Emma Leipold
Sr. Manager, Global Mobility and Total Rewards,

"ChartHop has really been the silent hero of the merger in terms of allowing us to scale."

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Casey Delehanty
Manager, People Data Science

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