How 1Password Centralized and Secured Comp Planning with ChartHop

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ChartHop has helped 1Password

  • Consolidate HR tools and streamline processes to make better informed people decisions
  • Save hours of time each month across multiple teams by reducing manual tasks and improving collaboration

Trusted by millions of customers and more than 100,000 businesses to keep their most important information safe, 1Password’s password management and credentials security platform helps make the online world a safer place for everyone.

With human-centric privacy and security at the core of what 1Password does, Julie DeBuhr, Head of Employee Experience, knew there was an opportunity to streamline processes and platforms to better protect their employees’ sensitive data.

Solving the HRIS problem

In a tale almost as old as time, People leaders attempt to tame the beast that is their HRIS system to gather actionable insights to better support their people.

Boiling down this problem as she has experienced it, Julie says, “The reality is, these HRIS systems are typically built for Finance with an HR component, making them clunky and time consuming for most casual users. While the enterprise players have tried to solve the HRIS problem, they may have overcorrected. In trying to be everything to everyone, they actually wound up being too big to actually be great at all the things.”

When searching for a solution that would make the employee data in their HRIS system accessible to the People team without IT or BI support, Julie knew where to turn. As an early adopter of the org chart during her time at InVision, ChartHop was the obvious answer.

As she puts it, “ChartHop allows us to have an HRIS that does its job in terms of the data collection. It’s exciting to look something up in ChartHop and it’s so much easier to access and see the information. Honestly, I can’t imagine logging into our HRIS anymore to get data on employees. It’s the last resort for me at this point.”

What comp planning looks like when safety and security is your business

For 1Password, ChartHop’s intuitive data sheet and visualizations were just the beginning of how the People Operations Platform would transform the company’s processes and how teams collaborate.

With security as the foundation of everything they do, the 1Password People team knew it was time to break up with spreadsheets to bring their comp planning into a secure system. A process that once upon a time involved confidential information in multiple spreadsheets floating through emails and shared drives is now centralized in ChartHop.

Having this single source of truth promotes transparency and alignment across key stakeholders and enables fair and equitable compensation practices. And the 15 levels of access controls offered in ChartHop (based on role, data category, and sharing permissions) ensure comp data is visible to only those who should have access.

Streamlining processes for a totally rewarding comp cycle

Reflecting on the streamlined process, Julie shares: “ChartHop is a huge improvement over the back and forth of spreadsheets. Maintaining information in a single, controlled way is something that is really important to us. The more things we can put into that secure system where everyone has access to the information that they need, the more efficiently we’ll be able to make informed decisions.”

For instance, when the 1Password team previously wanted to look up an employee’s comp history, they had to cross-reference spreadsheets with the data in their HRIS and then verify accuracy with the direct manager. Now with ChartHop, all the needed information is in the platform they’re already using for comp planning and it just takes a couple clicks to run a report.

ChartHop also helped 1Password deliver a more robust comp cycle, on time and on budget.

Rounding out the comp cycle is formally notifying employees of any adjustments. Once the budget has been approved, the HR Ops team sends out compensation award letters to each individual employee through ChartHop. Simple as it may seem, this feature allowed for a truly tailored comp planning process in a single and secure platform, minimizing the solutions needed in 1Password’s HR tech stack.

Time saved is money earned

In addition to saving costs by reducing the number of HR platforms needed, the 1Password team saved a significant amount of time by consolidating their systems used with ChartHop.

For example, when a candidate interviewing with 1Password asked for a salary range and Julie needed to understand what meeting that salary would do to their internal equity, she turned to ChartHop. She got her answer in just three clicks. The alternative to ChartHop would be the enterprise HRIS, where a minimum of 10 clicks would be just the beginning. From there, Julie would have to create a CSV report, delete columns, add other columns, and more just to get the answer. By accessing this data in an easy-to-use report in ChartHop, Julie cut her time spent on matters like this by 30%.

And the time savings don’t stop there. 1Password has also brought their headcount planning into ChartHop. By bringing their workforce planning into ChartHop, the 1Password Finance team reports a time savings of over 20 hours per month.

Improving efficiencies with a business partner, not a vendor

As 1Password continues to scale as a company, the People team has their eyes on the next steps to improve the overall employee experience. And they’re taking ChartHop along on the ride to better manage their people data and support good business decisions.

When asked what makes working with ChartHop different from other providers, Julie concludes: “From Sales to Customer Experience, everyone along the way has just been super thoughtful about wanting to help us do our business better. That’s the type of thing I think is really important and that relationship building has just been extraordinary. I do feel like ChartHop is a business partner, not just a platform off the shelf.”


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