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Your 5 Step Checklist for Successful Headcount Planning

Learn why headcount planning matters and how to create a strategic headcount plan with these five steps.

Workforce Planning vs Headcount Planning: What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between workforce planning and headcount planning? Learn the difference between each and understand when you'd create specific these specific strategies for your organization.

Winning the First Impression: Why a Great Employee Experience Starts Before the First Day

Candidates who are considering taking the next step at your company must see your culture first-hand, and their first window to it is through their overall candidate experience. Learn how to create a strong employee experience before Day 1.

Why your DEI and business strategies should be aligned (and how to do it)

Want to align your DEI and company strategies? Learn tips for how business leaders can give DEI the platform it deserves.

Why You Need Continuous, Contextual Performance Management

When you employ a continuous, contextual performance management strategy, you not only provide your people with multiple touchpoints, but also help ensure your decisions are fair and data-driven.

Why You Need to Use Data to Inform Your Compensation Strategy

Learn how you can leverage company and people data to inform your compensation strategy, allowing you to focus on excellence, remain competitive and eliminate bias.

Why you should align your Headcount Plans to your Remote Work Policy

From access to global talent to savings on operational expenses, learn why aligning your headcount plans to your remote work policy can benefit your business.

Why Skills Mapping is a Must-Have in Uncertain Times

Knowing your people's skills can help your company prepare for any challenges it faces, as well as recover and rebuild for a stronger tomorrow.

Why People Analytics should power your business

From maximizing hiring investments to retention, here are a few of the most stand-out advantages people analytics can offer your business.

Why Many Growing Startups Need a Chief of Staff

For startups, so much happens at once and the CEO can’t be there for all of it. Sound familiar? You might just need a chief of staff.

Why It’s Time to Stop Building Your Org Charts in PowerPoint

Building an org chart template doesn’t have to be a hassle. Software can save you time to focus on what matters most: making informed business decisions.

Why I Built ChartHop

We're solving a problem that goes beyond HR and org charts. ChartHop is for any organization that needs to more thoughtfully manage change.

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