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August 2023 Product Roundup: Customize Access Controls and Share Specialized Forms

This month we're releasing updates that help build a more custom and secure product experience.

See What People are Saying About ChartHop's Customer Experience Team

Think of your ChartHop Customer Experience team as an extension of your own. With knowledgable and experienced Customer Success Managers, Implementation Specialists, and Support Engineers, ChartHop makes sure you'll never have to rely on expensive or lengthy outside technical experience.

June 2023 Product Roundup: Save and Share Columns, Add Configurable URLs to Comp Cycles, and Create New Compensation Band Views

This month we're releasing updates that help organizations stay aligned throughout their headcount and compensation planning cycles

April 2023 Product Roundup: Approval Workflows, Required Fields on New Jobs, and Comments Export

This month, we’re releasing updates that ensure your people initiatives are collaborative and efficient.

Introducing Advanced Approval Workflows

Introducing ChartHop's new feature, Advanced Approval Workflows. With it, teams are empowered to create and approve workforce plans with confidence.

The People Ops Platform

People Operations is a people-first and data-driven business function that is responsible for establishing how an organization manages and supports its people. A modern approach to HR, People Operations encompasses the traditional responsibilities of HR, such as compliance and policy, and incorporates forward-thinking, people-first initiatives that support the employee journey.

March 2023 Product Roundup: Enhancements to Compensation Reviews and Scenarios

This month, we’re releasing some key ways to help you work more efficiently and empower your People, Finance, and leadership teams to work better together.

ChartHop Feature: Maps to Help Visualize Your People

You use your org chart to see where employees sit within your company…but how about where they sit in the world? With ChartHop Maps, an employee engagement feature, you can encourage connection among employees and equip your People team and managers with the information they need to make strategic decisions.

February 2023 Product Roundup: New and Improved Help Center

This month, we’ve released our newly redesigned ChartHop Help Center to provide information to save you time and increase overall efficiency within the platform.

January 2023 Product Roundup: Enhancements to Compensation Reviews and Recruiter Experience

To kick things off this January, we’ve rolled out improvements to the Compensation Reviews and Recruiter Experience modules, including valuable new reports and added configurability.

December Product Roundup: Enhancements to Compensation Data and Reviews + New Approval Workflows for Headcount Plans

We’re excited to announce a number of enhancements to compensation and org planning this month. Read on for the full details about more robust compensation and data reviews, and our new approval workflows.

November 2022 Product Updates: Report Filters, ATS Sync History, and Compensation Reviews

This month we’ve added more flexibility to charts, added ATS integrations to Sync History, and enabled better pay equity assessments in our Compensation Reviews module. These product improvements directly address what we’ve been hearing from our customers and build towards a more seamless product experience.

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