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Work Design for Agility and Adaptability

Learn how to design work in times of fast-paced change when agility and adaptability are the keys to success.

Why Fund That Flip Consolidated Their HR Stack with ChartHop

Looking to centralize their people data and reporting functionality, but hesitant to onboard a totally new HRIS, Fund That Flip found themselves in a predicament typical of growing organizations.

Why These Tools Are Important for Your Managers

You’ve heard the saying: people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. But too often, managers have to fend for themselves, hunting down information in spreadsheet after spreadsheet, or asking the People team to intervene despite their mounting pile of requests. So to all the managers out there, we promise, there’s a better way! With ChartHop, you can better understand your employees, stop wrangling information, and start making data-driven decisions. It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The "Future of Work" is Here. Are You?

Discover how tech and data can enable HR and business leaders to meet the challenges of the “Future of Work” with confidence.

What's It Like Working For ChartHop?

Get an inside look of what it's like working at ChartHop. Remote Work, great collaboration and Flex Fridays!

Ways To Make Comp Reviews Easier With ChartHop

Build comp reviews with clear guidelines and benchmarks and visualize your people data to make better informed and equitable comp decisions.

How To Use DEIB Data To Drive Informed Decisions

Find out how you can improve your organization's growth with DEIB data.

Using Self-ID Data to Build an Inclusive Workforce

Discover how to use self-ID data to gain robust insights into your organization's diversity, including how to create and distribute self-ID forms and how to analyze the resulting data.

The People Ops Platform

People Operations is a people-first and data-driven business function that is responsible for establishing how an organization manages and supports its people. A modern approach to HR, People Operations encompasses the traditional responsibilities of HR, such as compliance and policy, and incorporates forward-thinking, people-first initiatives that support the employee journey.

The Strategic Toolkit You Need to Claim (and Maximize) HR’s Seat at the Table

Hear insights on how to develop your strategic thinking to improve decision-making company-wide and draw actionable insights from people data.

Strategies to Foster Employee Connections Across Locations, Lived Experiences and Identities

HR leaders need to take a data-driven approach to DEI to track and report on progress, surface opportunities for improvement, and provide critical insights. This webcast shares tips to make it happen.

Scaling a Team Without Losing Culture

Watch this candid conversation with three Talent leaders about what they’ve seen work and what they’re excited about as it relates to scaling a team without losing culture.

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