People Analytics

Use these tips and best practices to drive strategic decision making with people analytics and metrics.

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Maximize the Value of Your People Data: Best HRIS Examples for Different Needs

Every company needs an HRIS. But what that HRIS looks like and how your team structures processes around it will change as your company needs evolve over time.

Choosing the Best HRIS for Your Company

What exactly do you need to know to choose the best HRIS for your company? There’s no one right answer for everyone, as which platform is right for each team depends on several factors. Here’s what to consider as you start your search.

8 Functions of an HRIS: How Can They Help Your Organization?

How can an HRIS streamline your organizational practices? Learn the key functions of HRIS and which may be most important for your company.

Why You Need to Use Data to Inform Your Compensation Strategy

Learn how you can leverage company and people data to inform your compensation strategy, allowing you to focus on excellence, remain competitive and eliminate bias.

Analyze Your People Data Efficiently with ChartHop

Say goodbye to Vlookups, and hello to ChartHop. ChartHop aggregates all your people's data in one place, so you can easily analyze and share reports without worrying about spreadsheet formats or formulas.

What’s a Good eNPS Score? (And How to Track It)

Employee Net Promotor Score helps you get a pulse on your people. Here we dive into eNPS calculations, determining a preferred score, and how to track it over time.

The Benefits of Democratizing Your People Data

Seventy percent of leaders prioritize people analytics, yet very few consider who can actually access those numbers. Learn why it's incredibly important to democratize your people data and how it benefits employees at every level.

Need Help Workforce Planning? Look to People Analytics

Workforce planning can be overwhelming, especially with all of the stakeholders and decision-making involved. Here we share 4 ways you can harness people analytics to strengthen your workforce planning strategy.

Tracking These 3 People Metrics Helps Reduce Turnover Rate

Tackling voluntary turnover should always be a priority. People metrics can help you get a handle on high turnover rates to prevent attrition before it happens.

6 Essential Features of People Analytics Software

The right people analytics software can positively impact the employee experience, leading to higher engagement and retention. Look for these six features to get started.

How to Use Surveys to Assess eNPS and Reduce Absenteeism

Looking to boost your employee experience and reduce your absent rate? Read our five steps on using eNPS surveys to help you start achieving these results, today.

Talent Analytics vs People Analytics: What You Need to Know and Why They Both Matter

Learn the difference between talent analytics and people analytics, why both are important, and three ways to use people analytics and talent analytics together.

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