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“ChartHop, a startup that aims to modernize and automate the organizational chart, announced a $5 million seed investment today led by Andreessen Horowitz.”

Ron Miller

Ron Miller

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"ChartHop is building a better internal tool for companies to use to easily visualize their company's org structure and plan their future growth...Beyond making a fancier org chart, it helps companies analyze things like gender and pay equity and also model future open positions.”

Biz Carson

Biz Carson

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“ChartHop is the kind of HR software a deeply technical engineering leader would build if they were sick of dealing with spreadsheets to manage hundreds of engineers.”

David Ulevitch

David Ulevitch

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“With uncertainty around purchasing decisions in the coming 12 to 18 months, employers need to understand the current state of their organization and create multiple headcount hiring scenarios for the future."

Roy Maurer

Roy Maurer

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Forward Thinking Founders

"We’re pioneering a new category that empowers leaders to truly understand their organizations past and current state, and gives them the context they need to plan for their future.

HR leaders are demanding tools that give them the insights and analytics to be strategic + solve a lot of the manual workflows they still have to."

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ChartHop, The Tech Helping Businesses Run and Scale Better

“Getting in the habit of doing planning continuously as business changes is a huge competitive advantage

ChartHop takes the overhead out of the planning and the approval processes that exist today and helps organizations be more nimble and intentional in their growth. ”

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We Don't All Need to Learn to Code

"You’re all familiar with the pains of the annual planning process and the dreaded spreadsheets that don't have answers to the questions you really have.

ChartHop can answer the questions that organizations that are trying to be more thoughtful and intentional in their planning and their growth are asking"

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