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Great Company Cultures Align EX and CX. Here’s Why

Customer expectations continue to evolve at breakneck speed. To meet these expectations, organizations must deeply align employee experience with customer experience. Here’s how HR can help.

DEIB Is More Than a Buzzword: Tips to Prioritize Actions Over Words

While hiring and employing diverse talent is important, building a culture that’s intentionally inclusive and supportive is also critical.

Organizational Transparency is the New Normal: How Open Are You?

In today’s complex business landscape, a culture of transparency is not just a nice-to-have option — it’s a strategic necessity.

What to know about NYC’s soon-to-be-enforced HR AI bias law

“These are decisions that impact employees and their lives in a really major way,” said Ian White, CEO, founder and CTO of ChartHop.

Combating Workplace Bias With Performance Reviews With Ivori Johnson of ChartHop

Ivori Johnson discusses how performance reviews can help combat workplace bias.

SVB collapse is double-whammy for tech startups already navigating brutal market

“There was just a complete reversal of the speed at which investors were willing to move,” said ChartHop CEO Ian White.

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