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Ian White of ChartHop: Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Uncertain & Turbulent Times

Your team wants to hear from you — be as transparent as possible and communicate frequently.

How Data Is Changing HR Practices

“People analytics is really taking the old challenge of people management and better understanding your organization, and applying data to it.”

Adult summer camp: Why this HR tech company went on a three day company offsite

That’s why Ian White, CEO of HR tech platform ChartHop, invited his employees to join him off the grid for a few days.

How better people decisions can help companies hold onto talent

Businesses that choose to operate as they have for decades will continue to find themselves unable to recruit or retain employees.

ChartHop Launches Free ‘Basic’ Version to Aid Transparency

People analytics company ChartHop announced ChartHop Basic, a free product that enhances how leaders and employees can help their organization be more informed and connected.

ChartHop Unveils Free Product to Accelerate Organizational Transparency

ChartHop Basic transforms the way leaders and employees enable an entire organization to be more informed, empowered, and connected.

Google simplifies performance reviews. Is your company next?

“Not everyone agrees that it’s better to limit reviews to once per year. Annual reviews can be corrupted by recency bias.”

ChartHop Visual Analytics Will Blow Your Mind. And Visier Acquires

ChartHop is a visual management tool that positions itself as people analytics, but it’s really much more, and you have to see it to believe it.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Middle: How to Turn Middle Managers Into DEI Champions

The No. 1 skill middle managers need to champion DEI is awareness, because unconscious biases “prevent people from being as inclusive as they want to [be].”

VC Life: 22 Ventures CEO Wants Startup Employees to Have a Life Outside Work

People analytics platform ChartHop acquired Gather, a people operations workflow builder.

Note to job seekers: Companies may be required to post a salary range in your area

ChartHop, a New York business analytics firm, has already started putting salary ranges on its job postings.

Annual planning is broken: Can people analytics help fix it?

Annual planning is a fundamentally broken process because it doesn’t keep up with the speed of business today.

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