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Monitoring your employees doesn’t make them more productive, but this does

To build trust, stop monitoring employees—and use people data to empower them

Deciding Between Location-Based vs. Value-Based Compensation

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Many factors determine which compensation strategy a company should use to compensate its employees.

Prioritizing Employees: Creating an Informed, Responsible Compensation Plan

Here, Ian White, founder and CEO, ChartHop, discusses how people analytics technology enables organizations to establish a compensation plan…

3 Basic Human Psychological Needs That Matter in Customer Experience

To ensure a proper human connection when incorporating chatbots, Sarah Diegnan, VP of customer experience at ChartHop, said organizations need to offer transparency right away, in the initial response to a customer opening a ticket.

The Care and Feeding of Chief Diversity Officers

“Organizations with strong DEI initiatives are more likely to have employees with increased employee engagement, retention of talent, and higher levels of trust,” says Johnson.

Want to Elevate Your Business Ecosystem? Embrace APIs and Open Systems.

It’s time for your tech to play nicely with others. Here’s why business leaders need to harness the value of open systems.

Pay transparency is shaking up hiring practices

Ian White, CEO of ChartHop, a people analytics tool with features to manage compensation, says he’s also seen the pandemic “accelerate” conversations about pay.

Best Companies for Remote Workers 2022

Quartz’s 2022 ranking of the Best Companies for Remote Workers celebrates businesses that clearly understand what’s needed when the workplace is distributed and clarity and cohesion can’t depend on showing up to a physical office.

DEIB Best Practices for Promoting Long-Lasting Organizational Change

Superficial actions and lip service won’t improve a company’s culture. Instead, organizations must embed DEIB into their DNA to promote and sustain long-lasting change.

Best HR analytics software

HR analytics software provides businesses with information to improve employee retention, recruitment and training.

4 Ways Leaders Can Create Transparency in the Workplace

When a company leads with transparency, its employees feel supported, respected, and empowered to do their best work.

Want to Unlock Business Resiliency? Prioritize Your People

It’s time to double down on taking care of your workforce. People are the foundation of a strong company, and their wellbeing is central to your business continuity plan.

Using Continuous Performance Management To Guide and Empower Teams

Managers want real-time, holistic data to evaluate individual employee performance. ChartHop founder and CEO, Ian White, discusses how implementing a continuous performance management strategy and people analytics platform helps a company transform its data to become more accessible.

Three Ways Digital Transformation Is Driving A More Diverse, Future-Ready Workforce

In an effort to attract and retain top talent and encourage greater transparency, a growing number of businesses are prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the workplace. Just this past year, a Gartner survey revealed that DEIB ranks in human resource leaders’ top five priorities this year.

ChartHop Launches New Offering to Reinvent Informed and Equitable Compensation Decisions

ChartHop’s Compensation Planning solution and new Compensation Reviews provide a single source of truth for compensation data by pulling in payroll and equity data from across systems.

Voice of the CFO: Finance Leaders Balance Spend With Remote Employees’ Needs

That tracks with the goals of ChartHop, a people analytics platform that Wolf said is designed to “help, manage and support what is their most important asset — their people.”

Beyond Learning: DEIB Training That Drives Organizational Change

DEIB efforts have the most impact when everyone from the C-suite to the most junior staff are aligned on why these initiatives and discussions are so critical.

Retention Rate: A Core HR Metric

A strong retention rate is an indicator of a healthy organization. Emily Connery discusses new tools and initiatives HR leaders should adopt to develop an employee retention strategy.

Ian White of ChartHop: Five Things You Need To Be A Highly Effective Leader During Uncertain & Turbulent Times

Your team wants to hear from you — be as transparent as possible and communicate frequently.

How Data Is Changing HR Practices

“People analytics is really taking the old challenge of people management and better understanding your organization, and applying data to it.”

Adult summer camp: Why this HR tech company went on a three day company offsite

That’s why Ian White, CEO of HR tech platform ChartHop, invited his employees to join him off the grid for a few days.

How better people decisions can help companies hold onto talent

Businesses that choose to operate as they have for decades will continue to find themselves unable to recruit or retain employees.

ChartHop Launches Free ‘Basic’ Version to Aid Transparency

People analytics company ChartHop announced ChartHop Basic, a free product that enhances how leaders and employees can help their organization be more informed and connected.

ChartHop Unveils Free Product to Accelerate Organizational Transparency

ChartHop Basic transforms the way leaders and employees enable an entire organization to be more informed, empowered, and connected.

Google simplifies performance reviews. Is your company next?

“Not everyone agrees that it’s better to limit reviews to once per year. Annual reviews can be corrupted by recency bias.”

ChartHop Visual Analytics Will Blow Your Mind. And Visier Acquires

ChartHop is a visual management tool that positions itself as people analytics, but it’s really much more, and you have to see it to believe it.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Middle: How to Turn Middle Managers Into DEI Champions

The No. 1 skill middle managers need to champion DEI is awareness, because unconscious biases “prevent people from being as inclusive as they want to [be].”

VC Life: 22 Ventures CEO Wants Startup Employees to Have a Life Outside Work

People analytics platform ChartHop acquired Gather, a people operations workflow builder.

Note to job seekers: Companies may be required to post a salary range in your area

ChartHop, a New York business analytics firm, has already started putting salary ranges on its job postings.

Annual planning is broken: Can people analytics help fix it?

Annual planning is a fundamentally broken process because it doesn’t keep up with the speed of business today.

3 Predictions That Will Instantly Highlight Who Has Good Leadership Skills

“How you treat and take care of your employees will become one of the most important strategic decisions businesses make.”

HR Tech Number of the Week: Spreadsheet use

“Companies feel the consequences of employee disengagement, like increase in turnover, a decrease in productivity and overall poor customer satisfaction.”

Should Remote Work Pay Be Based On Location?

With more employees choosing to work from home, many companies are rethinking how location factors into salary.

Performance reviews suck. These tech companies are trying to make them better.

The biggest problem with traditional performance reviews is how infrequently they happen, which can introduce recency bias, according to Ian White, founder and CEO/CTO of ChartHop.

Tech Startups Ditch the Office for Far-Flung Bonding Trips

CEO Ian White is taking his staff, which now numbers more than 70, to an adult version of summer camp—CampHop.

In DiDi IPO, a one-time rival Uber stands to gain

ChartHop, a New York City-based people analytics company, raised $35 million in Series B funding.

People Analytics Startup ChartHop Raises $35M Round Led by A16z

ChartHop specializes in people analytics, a method that helps managers and executives make decisions about their workforce.

An HR-tech startup got Andreessen Horowitz to lead all 3 of their rounds, including the latest $35 million infusion

The prestigious firm is all in, leading three of the company’s past fundraising rounds.

ChartHop raises $35m for its internal org chart and people analytics platform

Today, a startup called ChartHop that’s built a platform to cater to that trend is announcing $35 million in funding on the heels of strong growth.

Case Study: Data Management Tools Can Improve Employee Experience

After reviewing tools from Pingboard and Airtable, Roberts settled on ChartHop’s organizational management platform.

We’ll never solve the wage gap without better, transparent data

The CEO of organizational management startup ChartHop says it’s only with insight into earnings and trends across demographics that we can start dealing with inconsistent compensation policies.

Innovative New HR Tech Vendors Emerge: CultureAmp, Valamis, Lattice, Hitch, Eskalera, and More

Some of the other interesting analytics vendors I suggest you look at include ChartHop (a groundbreaking organizational analytics system that makes any types of analytics amazingly easy).

Organizational Platform ChartHop Raises $14 Million In Series A Round Led By Andreessen Horowitz

“In the same way that there are platforms that can become your CRM or marketing source of truth, the goal of ChartHop is to be the one platform for your organizational management.”

Tech companies are ending leases and consolidating offices as remote work is here to stay

Across the country, Ian White is making a similar calculation at his early-stage start-up ChartHop, which develops software for human resources departments.

VCs are pouring millions into two org chart companies. Here’s why.

White’s ChartHop is building a better internal tool for companies to use to easily visualize their company’s org structure and plan their future growth.

Investing in ChartHop

ChartHop is the kind of HR software a deeply technical engineering leader would build if they were sick of dealing with spreadsheets to manage hundreds of engineers.

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