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Looking Ahead to 2023: Speaking Out on Social Issues, Pulling Back Remote Work

“DEIB is the future of HR. Because of their commonalities, I see a significant overlap in the roles diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging leaders and HR leaders play within a company.”

Pay transparency: how salary secrecy is being challenged

New US legislation forces companies to show pay ranges on job postings. It’s good news for applicants, but being open can raise other issues.

Monitoring your employees doesn't make them more productive, but this does

To build trust, stop monitoring employees—and use people data to empower them

Deciding Between Location-Based vs. Value-Based Compensation

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Many factors determine which compensation strategy a company should use to compensate its employees.

HR Work Break

"Pride Month means stepping back and reflecting on how we got here and how we can continue to make progress in the community to make sure that LGBTQ folks are included, but also being able to feel proud about who I am."

3 Basic Human Psychological Needs That Matter in Customer Experience

To ensure a proper human connection when incorporating chatbots, Sarah Diegnan, VP of customer experience at ChartHop, said organizations need to offer transparency right away, in the initial response to a customer opening a ticket.

The Care and Feeding of Chief Diversity Officers

“Organizations with strong DEI initiatives are more likely to have employees with increased employee engagement, retention of talent, and higher levels of trust,” says Johnson.

Pay transparency is shaking up hiring practices

Ian White, CEO of ChartHop, says he’s also seen the pandemic “accelerate” conversations about pay.

Want to Elevate Your Business Ecosystem? Embrace APIs and Open Systems.

It’s time for your tech to play nicely with others. Here’s why business leaders need to harness the value of open systems.

DEIB Best Practices for Promoting Long-Lasting Organizational Change

Superficial actions and lip service won’t improve a company’s culture. Instead, organizations must embed DEIB into their DNA to promote and sustain long-lasting change.

Best Companies for Remote Workers 2022

Quartz’s 2022 ranking of the Best Companies for Remote Workers celebrates businesses that clearly understand what’s needed when the workplace is distributed and clarity and cohesion can’t depend on showing up to a physical office.

4 Ways Leaders Can Create Transparency in the Workplace

When a company leads with transparency, its employees feel supported, respected, and empowered to do their best work.

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