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ChartHop Modules

ChartHop offers five standalone modules so you can pick and choose based on your needs.

Each module comes with ChartHop’s platform essentials, including the org chart, map, data sheet, reporting dashboards, payroll integration, and more – so you can connect and visualize your people data.

$6 employee/month for your first module
$3 employee/month for each additional module
ChartHop HRIS


Store all your company’s people data in one place where you can easily run analytics, configure workflows and automated actions, and empower managers and employees to self-serve, securely.

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ChartHop Compensation Reviews

Compensation Reviews

Centralize and visualize comp data, configure review cycles with a simple, guided builder, collaborate securely, and finalize changes with an approval workflow tailored to your org.

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ChartHop Headcount Planning

Headcount Planning

Model, forecast, and act on headcount plans in a visual, secure planning environment. Collaborate with stakeholders, forecast costs, and submit plans for approval.

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ChartHop Performance Reviews


Manage performance all year round with pre-built and configurable forms, reports, and workflows to orchestrate and analyze your performance reviews directly in the platform.

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ChartHop Employee Engagement


Engagement and feedback surveys, fully configured for your organization. Collect and store engagement data centrally, and analyze results alongside other people data.

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ChartHop Basic

$2 employee/month
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For teams of any size that need to visualize their people while helping employees feel connected, ChartHop Basic helps companies manage their org chart, track employee data, and foster employee engagement.

  • Rich employee profiles

    Encourage employees to get to know each other. Highlight job duties, hobbies, work experience, birthdays, and more on everyone’s profile page for the whole team to access.

    Rich employee profiles
  • SSO

    Login to your ChartHop account using your existing single sign-on credentials for better security and ease-of-use.

  • Org Chart with filters

    Visualize your team through ChartHop’s dynamic org chart. View your people data through a range of filters and a timeline that lets you travel forward and backward in time to chart changes to your team.

    Org Chart with filters
  • Primary payroll integration

    Populate your ChartHop account with real time data pulled from your HRIS so everything is always up to date. Supported apps: BambooHR, Gusto, Justworks, Namely, Sapling, Zenefits.

    Primary payroll integrationIncludes 3 custom templates.
  • Slack + Carta integration

    Bring in your equity data from Carta. Sync with Slack to push notifications - like birthday and work anniversary reminders - to your employees.

    Slack + Carta integration
  • Dashboard

    Help your employees access their personal information like comp, equity, and performance data. Remind employees of their to-do actions and encourage celebration with automated birthday and work anniversary reminders.

  • Map

    Foster connection with a visual representation of where your employees sit across the globe.

  • Data sheet

    View your people data in a dynamic data sheet format, with the option to sync to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

    Data sheet
$2 per employee per month after a 14 day free trial
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