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ChartHop is the perfect companion to BambooHR.

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Bring your people (data) to life

Combine multiple data sources

No more csvs and vlookups.

Consolidate data from your HRIS, ATS, equity management system, performance system, and more. Track changes, run complex calculations and see the full picture.

Effortlessly track people analytics

Don’t create and update charts manually.

Build robust reports that are automatically updated as data changes. Easily share for management meetings, board meetings, all hands & more.

Provide secure data access

Stop fielding individual questions.

Empower your managers with the data they need to know to manage their teams (i.e. what was their latest performance review? When are they fully vested?)

Visualize your team

Never make an org chart in ppt again.

Give every team member context about who is who and how they fit into the greater organization. Travel through time to see how the org has changed.

Support planning with context

Don't create 100 different spreadsheets.

Provide leaders the current and historical data needed to create plans and make data-informed decisions, without the manual work.

Empower decision-making

Stop making decisions in silos.

Collaborate across the team on future hiring plans, alternative team structures, compensation changes, promotions plans & more, all in one place.


Understand your data.

Create and access pre-made people analytics reports from BambooHR data.

Supplement BambooHR's reporting capabilities with visual and customizable reports.

Data updates daily from BambooHR so reports are never out of date.


Plan with context.

Access the current and historical data needed to create plans and make data-informed decisions, without the manual work of creating 100s of spreadsheets for each manager.

Collaborate on alternate hiring plans, new team structures, proposed M&A outcomes, department-specific changes, org-wide compensation plans, and more.


Visualize your team.

Provide additional visibility into the organization, for everyone from the CEO to the intern, without manual updates.

  • Search for individuals and see employee profiles
  • Easily search and filter through any dimension
  • Visualize the org chart through any metric
  • Time travel to see the org's evolution
  • Sync your people data in minutes

    Employee Personal Data

    Employee Employment Data

    Historical Data


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