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Connected Organisation

Make people data the central nervous system of your organization

ChartHop unifies your people data and your people operations onto one platform, so you can empower your teams with data-driven people insights and a way to act on those insights — all from the comfort of one visual, dynamic platform. It's Modern HR at its finest.

People Analytics

Bring all your people data into one place that’s easy for everyone to access, view, and act on. No versions, no “who owns what?” Just one easy-to-understand source of truth.

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Org Chart

Make transparency a reality by introducing the ability to visualize your people across any dimension with automatically updated, data-rich org charts.

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Headcount Planning

Model, forecast, and execute on different growth scenarios with a highly visual and collaborative process so you can deliver headcount planning without the headache.

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Compensation Reviews

Empower managers with clear guidelines and benchmarks directly within the salary review flow so you can run your next comp cycle stress-free.

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Effectively measure employee sentiment and engagement using simple form builders so you can enlist every employee to discover new insights and stop relying on your “best guess.”

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Performance Reviews

Tailor performance reviews and connect feedback to all of your people data and processes for a true all-in-one HR experience that actually performs.

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Recruiter Experience

Make your Talent Acquisition team a true strategic partner, empowering them to work efficiently to better support hiring managers and org leaders.

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One unified platform for everyone in your organization

People Leaders

ChartHop is the unified platform for your people data and operations, that also enables executive alignment and facilitates employee connection and engagement across the org.

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People Ops Teams

People Operations is the heartbeat of the People team. ChartHop makes sure you stay in sync by unifying all of your people data and operations onto one platform.

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Finance Leaders

Consolidate your tech stack with ChartHop, one platform that supports key people and planning processes so Finance leaders can easily collaborate with business partners and HR on all your people needs.

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Talent Acquisition Teams

Gain a seat at the headcount planning table, ensure you’re always operating off the right hiring data, and save hours on every new req through better alignment and automated recruiting processes.

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With ChartHop, gain access to your employees’ data in one connected platform that allows you to paint a full picture of everyone on your team, make informed headcount and comp decisions, track performance and engagement metrics, and foster relationships with your directs.

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Help employees better understand team structure, connect with colleagues, and chart their careers. And an added bonus: you’ll finally free up time not answering simple org questions so you can focus on all those other people initiatives on your plate.

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With ChartHop, you’ll have access to everything you need to understand what’s happening on your team and report on people metrics to various stakeholders, including your board or investors.

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For people-first and data-driven people operations

  • Plan collaboratively with real-time data in a configurable platform.
  • Visualize all your people data in a central hub that everyone can access.
  • Study the past and model the future with centralized data.
  • Slice and dice data any way you need with flexible reporting.
  • Make data-driven decisions that are as actionable as they are impactful.
  • Manage org health and growth from a home base for your people operations.
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