Performance reviews, in context

Continuous performance management connected to all of your people data and processes

Performance Review Org Chart

Performance management for the entire employee lifecycle.


Conduct all reviews from one place

Coordinate scheduled annual reviews or less formal manager 1-1s from ChartHop


Analyze performance data alongside all your other people data

Drive promotion planning or retention programs by analyzing performance ratings alongside compensation, employee engagement, and more


Configure performance reviews with the most relevant questions for your organization

Create performance review processes tailored to your organization using pre-built questions or add new questions as needed.

Charthop system preview

Conduct continuous performance management

Make ChartHop your single source for performance management, from scheduled reviews to weekly manager 1-1s to annual goal-setting. Organize 360 performance reviews including peer reviews, upward feedback, and manager reviews. Support manager 1-1s with standardized forms and a single place for employees and managers to share notes. And record individual goals and OKRs and track progress against them.

Fuel data-driven decision making

Power headcount and promotion planning with employee performance rating data, or analyze the engagement of your top-performers -- all from one system. Conducting performance reviews in ChartHop allows you to drill-down into performance alongside any other data collected in ChartHop such as compensation, manager’s performance, eNPS, and more.

Charthop system preview
Charthop system preview

Tailor performance review processes and questions to your organization's needs

Create forms with a variety of question types (numeric scales, long text, short text, single select, multiple select, etc.). Deploy different performance review forms and questions for different departments, and manage access to employee responses to any of the reviews with data sensitivity controls.

All the tools you need for continuous performance management


360 performance reviews


Manager 1-1s


OKRs and Goals


Configurable review questions and forms


Connected with compensation and engagement data

"ChartHop helped us replace our mundane, outdated processes - there is nothing else like it.

I can not imagine what we would do without ChartHop.”

David Dankenbrink

David Dankenbrink
Vice President, Human Resources @ Remy Cointreau