Plan for anything.

The only approach to scenario planning that puts people first.

ChartHop People Planning Org Chart

Plan like never before.


Plan with context

Centralize current and historic data to create informed plans, without the manual work.

Put a face to the name

Visualize changes

Build plans visually and understand the structural implications from the get go.

Time Saving

Track impact

Measure how every change impacts people analytics metrics, operational KPIs & budget.


Streamline workflows

Create scalable processes for headcount approvals, compensation reviews & more.


Centralize changes

Iterate on plans with stakeholders and keep all discussions within the platform.

Data Access

Save hours of time

Easily consolidate plans with the click of a button, no copy and paste needed.

Plan out your team

Understand the structural and budgetary impact of any change across your organization:

  • Create and close open roles
  • Plan departures
  • Propose promotions
  • Restructure teams
  • Merge teams
  • & so much more

    Charthop system preview
    Charthop system preview

    Collaborate seamlessly

    Centralize your changes and discussions in one place.

    Collaborate with stakeholders all within the platform, without emailing spreadsheets and powerpoints back and forth.

    Analyze impact

    Forget manual spreadsheets filled with complex models.

    Build your future team visually and understand the impact across all your KPIs. Finally align People, Finance, Recruiting and hiring managers.

    Charthop system preview

    The planning platform for any plan.


    Annual headcount plans


    Continuous adjustments


    Compensation plans


    Layoffs & restructures


    Promotion plans


    M&A integrations


    Contingency plans


    Succession plans

    & more

    “ChartHop helped us centralize over a hundred headcount planning spreadsheets into a single platform.

    We could easily monitor people’s access, progress and consolidate multiple plans with a couple of clicks.”

    Alex Koykova

    Alex Koykova
    Director, People Operations