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Employee Engagement

Discover the science of keeping employees focused


For an always-on approach to employee engagement

Measuring and reporting on employee sentiment and engagement is crucial, but may be impossible to tackle if those insights exist in a black hole. ChartHop makes it easy to dissect employee engagement data and create impactful reports on how to improve the employee experience. Because when your employees thrive, so does your business.

Administer effective surveys that generate meaningful, relevant data
Develop a realistic view of employee performance and sentiment
Improve employee retention by addressing concerns early
Conduct performance reviews continuously and ensure timelines are honored
Analyze employee engagement metrics in a powerful reporting dashboard
Use best practice templates to ensure you collect the data you need

Generate actionable insights from your data

Data is pointless if it just sits there. Turn your facts and figures into productive, decision-powering recommendations with employee NPS, pulse, and feedback surveys — and the tools to analyze the results.

Continuously measure and improve performance

Measuring performance and understanding employee sentiment is not a one-and-done process. Know how employees are progressing each week, going way beyond annual performance reviews.

Stay one step ahead with real-time visibility

Keep your finger on the pulse of organizational health with pre-built reports that display company-wide results, and dive deeper into understanding trends with demographic breakdowns.

Having used other solutions in past roles, I appreciate that the functionality in ChartHop allows leaders to be agile and hands-on with survey questions without relying on an external team.



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