Announcing the 2nd Annual People Pioneers: Honoring the leaders of the people-first revolution

All your people
data in one place

Create a more informed, empowered,
and connected organization.


Make people data the central nervous system of your organization

ChartHop pulls all your people data into one place, creating a single, real-time picture that everyone can access to make better decisions. Visualize your current situation, envision future scenarios, act on your insights, and basically rule the world.


One central platform to drive better people decisions

Culture and Experience

Increase transparency and access to information with rich profiles and a dynamic org chart so you can improve office culture (even when the office is a kitchen table).

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Performance Management

Capture 1:1s, reviews, goals, and more in a single place to manage performance in context – from day one to day 1,000.

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Compensation Management

Ensure pay equity and budget effectively by going beyond the power of spreadsheets, no PhD required.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Visualize DEI metrics alongside engagement and compensation information to make your data as three-dimensional as your people.

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Employee Engagement

Consistently measure and report on employee engagement, because when your people data can do more, so can you.

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Org Planning

Plan your company’s future in a collaborative, visual way and learn from the past, no time machine needed.

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As featured in

People Analytics

Bring all your people data into one place that’s easy for everyone to access, view, and act on. No versions, no “who owns what?” Just one easy-to-understand source of truth.

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Org Chart

Make transparency a reality by introducing the ability to visualize your people across any dimension with automatically updated, data-rich org charts.

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Headcount Planning

Model, forecast, and execute on different growth scenarios with a highly visual and collaborative process so you can deliver headcount planning without the headache.

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Manager Tools

Help everyone pull in the same direction by giving your managers everything they need to monitor performance and progression through 1:1s and access to people profiles, compensation, and performance data.

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Employee Tools

Can you name your latest hire, where she sits, and her favorite ice cream? Now you can with rich profiles that include personal interests, name pronunciations, gender pronouns, and more.

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Compensation Reviews

Empower managers with clear guidelines and benchmarks directly within the salary review flow so you can run your next comp cycle stress-free.

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Surveys & Feedback

Effectively measure employee sentiment and engagement using simple form builders so you can enlist every employee to discover new insights and stop relying on your “best guess.”

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Performance Reviews

Tailor performance reviews and connect feedback to all of your people data and processes for a true all-in-one HR experience that actually performs.

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Recruiter Experience

Make your Talent Acquisition team a true strategic partner, empowering them to work efficiently to better support hiring managers and org leaders.

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ChartHop benefits

For more informed, empowered, and connected organizations

  • Put all your people data in one place that’s easy for everyone to access.
  • Study the past and model the future with seamlessly consolidated data.
  • Slice and dice data any way you need with flexible reporting.
  • Achieve true transparency and help employees learn about each other.
  • Make all people decisions based on the right data and context.
  • Manage organizational health and growth with a single source of data.
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Announcing ChartHop’s Series C Funding

Today we’re announcing that we closed our Series C funding round of $20M led by Cox Enterprises, with participation from existing investor Andreessen Horowitz.

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