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Employee Experience

Curated resources to support every touchpoint of the employee experience.


4 Ways to Support Working Parents (Beyond Parental Leave)

Supporting working parents extends beyond maternity and paternity leave. A good parent support program is inclusive to LGBTQ+ parents, and includes flexibility, manager training, and employee experience design.

10 Tips to Strengthen Your Workplace Culture

Your workplace culture is one of the most essential aspects of your company. Ready to make yours even stronger? Read our 10 tips here.

How these Employee Tools Improve the Employee Experience

ChartHop's Employee Tools empower your team to be more independent and in the know, while giving you back valuable time to focus on the things your employees really need to be successful.

3 Ways to Promote Psychological Safety at Work

A psychologically safe environment at work allows people to take risks and innovate. Read Mixbook's tips and examples on how to strengthen your culture and increase employee engagement.

New Hire Onboarding Checklist

Setting up a basic onboarding process right away will help with integration, retention, and performance. Here's how to go about it.

Everything You Need to Know and Do to Create an Onboarding Buddy Program

Here’s a checklist to create an onboarding buddy program that will engage employees from day one and beyond.

30-60-90 Day Plan to Get New Hires On the Right Path to Success

A 30-60-90 day plan allows managers to outline the key learning and performance objectives for the new hire and set the tone for upfront communication.

How to Foster A Transparent Organization

ChartHop Employees speak about their experience on how transparency is the foundation to ChartHop's culture.

5 Benefits to Measuring Employee Engagement

You most likely understand the long-term benefits of engagement, but what about the short-term ones for you and your People Ops team? Read 5 advantages to measuring employee engagement, all of which help you take action on insights and prioritize your employee experience.

Onboarding Questions for Getting to Know Your Hires

A list of inspiring questions to ask in your onboarding surveys and improve your onboarding experience for new hires

Onboarding Buddy for Work: How (and Why) to Build Your Program

A successful onboarding experience can be the catalyst for new hires to quickly integrate into the social fabric of your company, which can expedite job satisfaction. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is with an onboarding buddy program.

Employee Experience: What It Is and Why It Matters

When you take a deep look at how you hire, engage, and retain your people, it’s easy to recognize that every business decision contributes to employee experience. But what is employee experience and why does it matter?

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