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Employee Experience

Curated resources to support every touchpoint of the employee experience.


A Leadership Perspective: 4 Strategies to Promote Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are huge assets to your company. So, in a world of hybrid in remote offices, do you promote employee engagement. Read four strategies from People Leaders you can implement today.

Lead with Transparency: 4 Tips to Inspire Trust in the Workplace

People work best in a culture of trust. Learn four ways to leverage transparency in the workplace to help your people feel inspired and empowered.

Winning the First Impression: Why a Great Employee Experience Starts Before the First Day

Candidates who are considering taking the next step at your company must see your culture first-hand, and their first window to it is through their overall candidate experience. Learn how to create a strong employee experience before Day 1.

The Employee Experience Platform: What It Is and How It Helps at Every Level

Learn what an employee experience platform is, why it matters, and how it helps business stakeholders perform at every level.

How Leaders Can Create a Superior Remote Employee Experience

Remote work shouldn't pose challenges for communication, collaboration, and transparency. Here, leaders give insights into how you can create a superior remote employee experience.

HR’s 5-Step Guide to Employee Journey Mapping in a Hybrid World

Employee journey mapping provides valuable insights to your employee experience, allowing you to view productivity, engagement, and retention efforts from your employees' eyes. Here's 5 steps to making it happen.

3 Common Reasons Employees Quit at the Height of the Great Resignation

Armed with a better understanding of what’s motivating employees to leave their jobs, you can put effective practices in place to get ahead of turnover.

Preboarding: 6 Best Practices to Boost Your Remote Onboarding Experience

Introducing a preboarding program can help new employees feel welcome, connected, and confident from day one - leading to higher engagement and retention long term.

InVision Leads with Inclusivity to Provide People-Centric Care

Leveraging people data to provide proactive support during both positive and challenging times is critical to employees feeling cared for and supported, learn how InVision gets it done.

4 ways HR can improve the Digital Employee Experience

With remote work now commonplace, the digital employee experience is more important than ever. Learn how tech and other initiatives can empower employee engagement.

4 Employee Survey Questions to Avoid Burnout

Learn how to improve the employee experience through effective employee pulse and experience surveys.

What Is Employee Experience And Why It Matters

Engagement is only one part of the overarching employee experience. With ChartHop, you can embrace the bigger picture for better results.

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