Announcing the 2nd Annual People Pioneers: Honoring the leaders of the people-first revolution

People Leader Q&As

From best practices to lessons learned, we're bringing you real-life examples to help you become a better People leader.


Making People Analytics a Win for Your Entire Workforce: Q&A with Kathryn LaViolette of

Kathryn Laviolette, HR Tech & Analysis Manager at, walks us through the importance of rolling out reliable people data to your whole organization.

Streamlining Your Recruiting Practices: Q&A with Talent Acquisition Specialists

We sat down with two members of our talent acquisition team to discuss how using a people analytics platform with ATS integrations streamlined their talent acquisition strategy.

Creating Safe Spaces for Peers: Q&A with ChartHop’s ERG Leaders

Creating a culture of inclusivity is incredibly important. In this Q&A, ChartHop's ERG leaders discuss creating safe spaces and building communities for peers and allies to learn, share, and thrive.

Designing an Onboarding Experience that’s Engaging and Supportive: Q&A with Adriana Roche, Chief People Officer at MURAL

As the Chief People Officer at MURAL, Adriana Roche led the team in creating an onboarding experience that was engaging and supportive for new hires during a period of massive growth. Learn how she did it.

Investing in People Through Performance Management: Q&A with Devin Blase, VP of People at Truework

As the VP of People at Truework, Devin Blase has led the effort to build a world-class performance management program that helped the company double headcount and increase engagement. Here's a look at how she did it.

Reinforcing Company Culture for a Growing Team: Q&A with Giuliana Zara, Head of People at Aper

As the Head of People at Aper, Giuliana Zara has helped reduce employee churn and increase employee net promoter score by doubling down on the company's culture and values through tremendous growth.

Building a People Operations Department from the Ground Up: Q&A with Karen Kuhn, Senior Director of People Operations at Order

As Senior Director of People Operations at Order, Karen Kuhn created and rolled out psychologically-safe people operations processes, policies, and expectations.

How Taking Time for Mindfulness Helps Productivity: Q&A with Liz Raymond, Head of Global Talent at Nexthink

As Head of Global Talent Acquisition for Nexthink, Liz Raymond balances a high-intensity, high-growth, high-expectation business environment with practices of wellness, mental health, and a genuine care for people.

Bringing a DEI-centered Mindset to the Workplace: Q&A with Nyala Khan, VP Talent, Employer Brand and Experience at Eden Health

Nyala Khan is the VP of Talent at Eden Health where she is all about impact, driving toward solutions quickly and with purpose. In this Q&A, she takes us through growing the team 3x with a composition of 65% women and 40% minorities in 2021.

Embedding DEI into Company Culture: Q&A with Holly Danko, Chief People Officer at Unison

As the Chief People Officer at Unison, Holly Danko has put a significant emphasis on DEI through a dedicated committee, new recruiting practices, and more. In this Q&A, she talks about these initiatives and their impact on the employee experience.

Supporting Employees Through Hyper Growth: Q&A with Nadia Vatalidis, VP of People at

As the VP of People at, Nadia Vatalidis and her team grew headcount from 50 to over 600 employees in less than a year. In this Q&A, she shares the key competencies needed and programs implemented to achieve this hypergrowth.

A Q&A With DEI Leaders on the Future of DEI

In this Q&A, leaders from Ripple, Blend, The TCS Group, and Malida Advisors discuss the importance of diversity now, and what it means for the future.

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