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Performance Management

Curated resources to supportive objective performance management.


Determining the Right Span of Control for Your Remote Workforce

There's no one-size fits all approach to determining the right span of control for your team. Here's what to consider, especially in a remote-first workplace.

Continuous Performance Management is the Future of Employee Development

What is continuous performance management and what makes it such an effective evaluative tool? Learn how you can implement it in your organization.

Why You Need Continuous, Contextual Performance Management

When you employ a continuous, contextual performance management strategy, you not only provide your people with multiple touchpoints, but also help ensure your decisions are fair and data-driven.

3 Performance Management Tips for a Remote Workforce

Remote work has made managing employee performance challenging for both managers and People leaders. Learn 3 tips for managing employee performance in a remote world.

5 Ways for HR to Overcome 360 Review Pitfalls + Template

360 reviews can be a valuable tool to grow employees, but only if companies take an evidence-based approach, drawing on best practices to design the template and conduct reviews.

How agile performance management can keep your workforce ahead of the curve

Work environments and the way we manage our employees has changed. Learn what agile performance management is and how it can keep your workforce ahead of the curve.

5 Performance Management Templates to elevate your reviews

Your performance management templates need to be balanced in objectivity and accuracy. Read on for five popular templates to try.

How to lead a high-performing team with effective performance management

Leaders from ChartHop, Sapling and Figma share their insights for cultivating high-performing teams and driving effective performance management.

What is Performance Management Software (and why you need it)?

Performance management is so much more than reviews. Learn how software can help foster performance management strategy that drives success at every level.

4 ways to combat bias in the workplace with Performance Reviews

Learn how refining performance review initiatives to increase impartiality and facilitate equity can help companies ensure fairness at every level.

3 key objectives of performance management

Effective performance management puts your people first. Here are three key objectives you should be tracking to improve your performance management process.

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