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Product Updates

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September 2022 Product Updates: Compensation Fields + Time to Fill

ChartHop’s new Time to Fill job calculations encourages more effective and informed organizational planning by equipping People leaders and managers with better estimates for target start dates in headcount plans.

August 2022 Product Updates: Comp Reviews + Workday Adaptive Planning

This month’s product updates are focused on how you can build tailored compensation reviews and streamline cost planning and reporting with support for Workday Adaptive Planning.

June 2022 Product Updates: App Install + Sync History

Centralizing people data is crucial to making decisions quickly and efficiently. This month’s product updates are focused on streamlining the way you configure, manage, and monitor your apps and data syncs.

May 2022 Product Updates: Comp Bands

Now you can create, edit, and visualize your compensation bands in ChartHop, including base compensation, variable pay, and even equity, to give your organization full visibility into key compensation metrics.

April 2022 Product Updates: Centralizing Your Data

Centralizing your people data and making that data easily accessible to everyone who needs it is always a top priority. That's why ChartHop has been hard at work to improve these capabilities, and we're excited to share a series of updates that will deliver a better experience for ChartHop admins.

March 2022 Product Updates: Data Fields

The latest updates to ChartHop modernize the data fields settings page to make it even easier to manage these fields and to find and interact with the data you use most.

February 2022 Product Updates: Headcount Planning

ChartHop and Jobvite have partnered to unify headcount planning and hiring into one integrated workflow, arming companies with the tools they need to navigate the multifaceted nature of workforce planning.

January 2022 Product Updates: Report Builder

The latest update to ChartHop introduces more intuitive controls and visually-appealing charts to improve how you build reports and analyze your people data.

December 2021 Product Updates: Org Chart Visuals

The latest updates to ChartHop allow you to export visuals of your org chart directly to PowerPoint to display the same design you see in ChartHop directly on your slides.

October 2021 Product Updates: Custom Forms

ChartHop's enhanced Custom Forms offer a simplified workflow for creating and managing forms and surveys to help improve employee engagement, save time, and reduce costs.

July 2021 Product Updates: New UI

Make people analytics more accessible and actionable for everyone with ChartHop's new UI, including updated employee profiles and collaborative scenario planning.

Reintroducing Maps

As orgs plan for remote, hybrid, and returns to office, understanding where your people are can have big advantages for org-wide communication and visibility.

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