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Headcount Planning

Curated resources to help you understand and plan your org's headcount.


How Plaid Improved Org Planning and Collaboration During Massive Scale with ChartHop

Discover how Plaid moved their org planning process out of spreadsheets and into ChartHop's secure, intuitive, and visual platform.

Streamlining Your Recruiting Practices: Q&A with Talent Acquisition Specialists

We sat down with two members of our talent acquisition team to discuss how using a people analytics platform with ATS integrations streamlined their talent acquisition strategy.

3 Questions to Ask During Your Succession Planning Process

By having strong succession plans in place, you'll create more agile teams and mitigate potential risks. Check out our 3 questions that are necessary to ask during your succession planning process here.

HR and Finance: Why Collaboration Is Key to Strategic Workforce Planning

Learn how an organization's HR and finance departments can partner to achieve cohesive workforce planning and organizational management.

3 Reasons Your Company Should Adopt a Bottom-Up Approach to Planning

A top-down planning approach may not be the best for your business. When you flip you model to bottom up, you'll increase engagement, retention, and innovation.

Create a More Connected Organization With ChartHop

With ChartHop, you can consolidate and visualize all your people data from your HRIS, ATS, equity system, and other platforms through out-of-the-box integrations.

How To Manage Change In Your Org With ChartHop Scenarios

Model your workforce, plan for compensation or promotions, or restructure your organization. With ChartHop Scenarios. It’s all laid out for you to visualize your current situation, envision future scenarios, act on your insights, and basically rule the world.

ChartHop Headcount Planning

Instead of distributing dozens of spreadsheets for each manager to create their own hiring plan for the new year, you can use ChartHop to streamline the entire planning process.

3 Ways a Strong Compensation Strategy Will Help Retain Talent

People are demanding more out of their employer and workplace – and leaving if they don’t get it. It's therefore crucial to establish a strong compensation strategy to to help retain your top talent and create a people-first approach to business initiatives.

4 Steps to Creating a Business Contingency Plan

You want your company to be ready to respond when crises, such as data breaches and sudden staff loss, arise. In order to shift quickly, you need to create a business contingency plan. Here's 4 steps how.

What is Succession Planning? (And Why is It Important?)

Securing your company’s future starts now. Learn what succession planning is and how it can help your organization in the long run.

Advice from the Frontlines on Scaling Your Company

Scaling your company takes intentional planning. We sat down with six HR leaders and four themes emerged on how to execute your high-growth strategies.

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