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Headcount Planning

Curated resources to help you understand and plan your org's headcount.


4 Steps to Creating a Business Contingency Plan

You want your company to be ready to respond when crises, such as data breaches and sudden staff loss, arise. In order to shift quickly, you need to create a business contingency plan. Here's 4 steps how.

What is Succession Planning? (And Why is It Important?)

Securing your company’s future starts now. Learn what succession planning is and how it can help your organization in the long run.

Advice from the Frontlines on Scaling Your Company

Scaling your company takes intentional planning. We sat down with six HR leaders and four themes emerged on how to execute your high-growth strategies.

How Leadership Can Take an Aligned Approach to Headcount Planning

Effective headcount planning requires working collaboratively with the entire exec team to align on the implications of growing different areas of the business in different ways. Here's how People leaders can support getting it done.

How to Satisfy the Top Headcount Planning Priorities for CFOs

For effective headcount planning, CFOs need visibility into growth plans and the ability to collaborate easily with HR and managers. Here's how to make that happen.

Best Practices for Headcount Planning and Talent Acquisition

Get advice from leaders on how to build an actionable headcount plan that accounts for flexibility and promotes org-wide collaboration.

ChartHop Headcount Planning

Instead of distributing dozens of spreadsheets for each manager to create their own hiring plan for the new year, you can use ChartHop to streamline the entire planning process.

What Your Frontline Managers Need to Know About Headcount Planning

The most effective headcount planning efforts go beyond the people team to include frontline managers. Here are three steps to make this collaborative effort a success.

Your 5 Step Checklist for Successful Headcount Planning

Learn why headcount planning matters and how to create a strategic workforce planning strategy in five simple steps.

Why Finance Loathes Headcount Planning - and How to Change That

It's time for finance to partner with people leaders to make headcount planning a competitive advantage. Here are common challenges and tips for how to overcome them.

Plan Before You Hire: Why Organizational Structure is the Key to Sustainable Growth

Getting your organizational structure in order before you grow your team will help create a sustainable plan for hiring, onboarding, and training as the business scales.

Designing Transparent Hiring Strategies in a Remote-First World

Headcount planning in the "new normal" is completely different than anything we've done in the past. Hear from people leaders from ChartHop, Guru, and Remote as they discuss best practices for growing your organization intentionally in a remote-first world.

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